25+ Aurora Borealis Wallpaper, Video And Picture Collection

December 2, 2012 · 1 comment

by alexnaz


An aurora borealis wallpaper, picture, screensaver or video will allow you to have the incomparable beauty of this amazing natural phenomenon on your desktop. It is also known as northern lights. Usually, the aurora appears as curtains or a diffused glow that extends approximately in an east west direction. There are times when they change or evolve constantly, hence termed as “active aurora,” while in other occasions they can be seen as quiet arcs. Each curtain is composed of numerous parallel rays, with each lined up according to the local magnetic field lines direction. This suggests that the shape of auroras is influenced by the magnetic field of the planet. In fact, electrons are seen by satellites to be conducted by magnetic field lines that spiral around them as they move towards Earth.

Watching the aurora borealis in real time is always an enchanting experience. However, not everybody can go to the northern latitudes to see auroras. If you are enchanted by its beauty and want to see it all the time, you can download some cool aurora borealis wallpapers, pictures or videos instead. This will allow you to have the aurora borealis adorn your computer and keep you and your friends gaping at its beauty. Another amazing and worth checking out light effect that can be captured using photography techniques are light painting. We made this great collection of light painting photography for you.

There are countless images of the northern lights all over the internet. To help you simplify the search, here is a collection of 30+ aurora borealis wallpaper video and pictures. All of these items depict the aurora borealis in all its wonder. Do you have something to share about the northern lights? Does this aurora borealis wallpaper list inspire you? Tell us what you think about this post by adding your comments below. You can amaze your friends too by sharing this post with them.

Aurora borealis / northern lights  wallpapers

Aurora Borealis from Space – MORE INFO


Northern Lights, Canada – MORE INFO


Magical Aurora Borealis – MORE INFO


Earth Aurora Borealis Wallpaper – MORE INFO


Patterns in Nature: Auroras – MORE INFO


Aurora Borealis, Churchill – MORE INFO


Aurora Borealis With Green And Purple Picture – MORE INFO


Northern Lights Alaska Wallpaper – MORE INFO


Natural Phenomena Wallpaper – MORE INFO


Northern Lights Screensaver – MORE INFO


3D Aurora – Northern Lights Screensaver – MORE INFO


Canada Aurora Wallpaper – MORE INFO


Aurora borealis pictures

Aurora Borealis, Alaska – MORE INFO


Aurora Borealis – MORE INFO


Aurora over Lake Superior – MORE INFO


Red Aurora Borealis – MORE INFO


Aurora Borealis, Fairbanks – MORE INFO


Northern Lights – MORE INFO


Volcano and the Northern Lights in Iceland – MORE INFO


Enjoy the Aurora – MORE INFO


Aurora Borealis, Svalbard – MORE INFO


The Northern Lights – MORE INFO


Video of Aurora Borealis

Aurora Sky Station 2012 – MORE INFO


Aurora Borealis in Abisko National Park – MORE INFO


Incredible Video of Aurora Borealis – MORE INFO


Lights Over Lapland Video – MORE INFO


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Mubi Rana March 17, 2013 at 1:01 pm

Wowww It’s Amazing and Beautifull.
Loved That Aurora Borealis, Svalbard and Aurora Borealis.


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