Auto blogging with WP plugins like WP Robot is not a new phenomenon and properly you read auto generated blog posts now and then without even thinking about it. Most people will find it okay if the content is giving them the wanted information and maybe even appreciate it, but things are not always that good. Autoblogging tools such as WPRobot have improved fast and they are very powerful which makes it possible for even unskilled online marketers to generate fully automated blogs in large numbers only to make money – using content other people created.

You probably have been reading about Google updating their algorithms lately? This will without doubt make life harder for auto blogs and other SEO attempts trying to rank with low quality content. The important thing here is – will Google “Let” you rank with autoblogging in 2012? If you ask me, you will have to slow down automation and start making unique content yourself to get search engine rankings nowadays, but still tools like WP Robot can be helpful if used the right way.

In this article I will have a look at WP Robot plugin and see what it can do. Also you should know that you can buy WP Robot and save 91 $ with this courbon code: SPRobot. WP Robot is build for WordPress which is a huge advantage making WPRobot very easy to use. I would like to stress that you should not use WP Robot unless you plan to use it for a sober purpose and want to generate genuine value.


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A Closer Look at WP Robot

WP Robot for WordPress is one of the most popular auto blogging and marketing tools at the moment and it is in fact a powerful tool. Unfortunately if put in the wrong hands it is able to generate a massive amount of automated content on a large number of blogs in no time. Well configured auto blogs in large numbers used to make a decent amount of money with Google Adsense or by promoting niche products. This has been an incentive to create as many blogs as possible and this isn’t really contributing much value to users of the Internet. WP Robot is not very expensive which makes it available for a whole army of internet marketers and even though Google Panda is trying to close down automated content we probably haven’t seen the last of auto blogging yet.

I’m not saying that autoblogging tools are all wrong. If put in the right hands it can be very powerful tool to make your research easier by using the fresh information WP Robot gathers on any subject. It can be time consuming for you to find new topics and write post from scratch. Also if you are creative and use it wisely it should be possible to make money with an auto blogging system. This is if you choose the right niches and keywords and focus on contributing value to your readers. I strongly believe that post created or at least reviewed by a human is preferred and that is why I would always set up WP Robot not to publish articles by itself. This is easily done.

You want to have unique content on your blog, right? Make sure that what you are posting will pass copyscape or (original content ranks, copied content does not). And do also pay very close attention to your on page and off page SEO.

Affiliate marketing made simple with WP Robot, but does it work?

One of the reasons a lot of users find WP Robot WordPress plugin useful is because it allows you to automatically pull in content from Clickbank, ArticlesBase, Ebay, Yahoo Answers, YouTube, Flickr and – all based on keywords you provide as a starting-point. It’s easy to set up and if you’re working with affiliate marketing from these sites already, WPRobot can save you valuable time.

In the Campaign section you get an overview of all your campaigns and you can control a lot of things in this section.

You will set up the campaigns and tell WP Robot how often it shall create posts, and you can decide the probability of where the content will be pulled from. It’s a good feature if you for example just want WP Robot to find new products on Clickbank related to your keywords. It is easy to create a new campaign and in the general options you can set up your options – for example if you want WP Robot to automatically put your Amazon and Clickbank Affiliate ID in the posts. Also there is a Translation Option, which gives you the opportunity to translate the posts into 9 different languages.

There is a lot more to WP Robot, it is a premium plugin so you will find good documentation and support on their site. If you’re interested in knowing more go check it out here.

How to get started with WP Robot

I need to repeat that I don’t recommend auto blogging for setting up Google Adsense spam sites. However WP Robot can be a very helpful tool. If you have a WordPress website you are actually ready and can go ahead and install WP Robot. They have good video tutorials to help you through every step installing and setting up WPRobot.

I hope you like this article – please share your opinion and experience with auto blogging with us.

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