20+ Cool Photography Websites With Attractive Portfolios

by alexnaz November 12, 2013Photography

I just love to discover and browse through inspiring photography websites with beautiful images and interesting portfolio designs. This category of websites is a great source of inspiration for creative […]


35+ Amazing Shadow Art Illusions

by alexnaz October 8, 2013Inspiration

Let us marvel at the creative imaginations of talented artists in the more than 35 shadow art illusions I have collected in this article. Shadows are very straightforward. Cast a […]

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40+ Fun and Cool Stitch Fonts – Ready to Write on Fabric?

by alexnaz September 17, 2013Typography

Almost any commercial design include some text to deliver “the message”. Adding the right type of typography, making sure it fits the overall idea and style, often makes a huge […]


25+ Interesting Blogs For Photographers You Don’t Want To Miss

by alexnaz July 15, 2013Photography

If you are a busy photographer, you may not have enough time to find and read the best photography blogs on the internet on a daily basis. With an increasing […]


50+ Marvelous Minimalist Wallpaper Designs

by alexnaz February 6, 2013Wallpapers

Minimalist wallpaper design is the cure if you hate desktop clutter. Minimalism is a widely known style in design since it keeps things user friendly and simple. In addition, a […]


50+ Popular Gaming Websites for Inspiration

by alexnaz February 1, 2013Gaming

Gaming websites have become extremely popular, and they belong to one of the most profitable niches on the internet. If you have a passion for online games and you like […]


40+ Exceptional Black Wallpaper Designs For Your Desktop

by alexnaz January 2, 2013Wallpapers

Black wallpapers can be a pleasant change from the usual colorful images that are being used on many desktops. Black is associated with many things. For some people black is […]


20 Free Cool Calligraphy Fonts

by alexnaz December 16, 2012Typography

Nowadays calligraphy fonts are often used to create an elegant and romantic touch in graphic designs such as wedding invitations, religious art, logo design, memorial documents and more. These fonts work […]


30+ Creative Calendar Designs 2013

by alexnaz December 9, 2012Design

Creative calendar designs are quite popular, and with the current year drawing to a close, it is the perfect time to search for a cool calendar design for 2013. As […]


25+ Aurora Borealis Wallpaper, Video And Picture Collection

by alexnaz December 2, 2012Photography

An aurora borealis wallpaper, picture, screensaver or video will allow you to have the incomparable beauty of this amazing natural phenomenon on your desktop. It is also known as northern […]

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