Light Painting Photography has been around since 1914 when Frank Gilbreth first use the form to study the motion of manufacturing and clerical workers. Light painting photography is also known as light painting, light drawing, light writing, light graffiti, light art, light art performance photography, LAPP, camera painting, and kinetic photography. All of these names are, in one form or another, long exposure photography. In Light Painting Photography the artist is leaving the shutter of the camera open for an extended period of time and using various lights to create color and design within the frame. Shutter speeds for light paintings can vary anywhere from 5 seconds up to 5 hours or more. To be a true light painting photograph the image must be created in one single frame without any post production manipulation whatsoever, a.k.a. NO PHOTOSHOP. Proper light painting photographs are known as SOOC or straight out of camera. This is a list of 18 of the worlds best light painting photographers.



Artists Painting With Light

Eric Staller: Eric began creating his light painting images in 1976 and he is known as the father of light painting in its present day form.

Dean Chamberlain: Dean began light painting in the late 70’s and has created stunning portraits of well known individuals such as David Bowie and Paul McCartney.

Vicki DaSilva: Vicki is the first female light painting artist and the first to create text light graffiti. She is known for her light graffiti work as well as her elaborate installation based light paintings.

Troy Paiva: Troy has been capturing his imagery since 1989 and is best known for his light painting work of abandon building and places that America has lost to time.

Patrick Rochon: Patrick is known for his visionary light painting portraits as well as his work in the automotive world and his live light painting performances.

Aurora Crowley: Aurora was introduced to the light by Patrick Rochon. He focuses his light painting photography work on the world of high fashion. Aurora shoots exquisite light paintings of some of the world’s most beautiful people.

LAPP-PRO: Light Painting Artist LAPP-PRO is made up of two men, JanLeonardo Woellert and Joerg Miedza. Together they are the creators of Light Art Performance Photography or LAPP.

Lichtfaktor: Light writing graffiti artist Lichtfaktor is a collective of multi-talented individuals based in Cologne, Germany, they are $ehvermögen (Marcel Panne), JIAR (David Lüpschen) and 10X (Tim Fehske). The group’s lightwriting style is heavily influenced by their backgrounds as street and graffiti artist.

Chanette Manso: Chanette is best known for her light painting work that focuses on the human form. Chanette uses a variety of lights to create beautiful images of dancers, Indian icons, balancing acts, and more.

Dana Maltby: Dana, a.k.a. TCB, is one of todays light painting photography pioneers he is constantly creating new tools and techniques to push the limits of light painting photography.

Jason D. Page: Jason is best known for his beautiful landscape light painting photographs. He is extremely passionate about the art form and is dedicated to the promotion and progression of light painting photography.

Janne Parviainen: Janne is best know for his light painting figures. He is not only a talented light painter he is also an accomplished oil painter.

Trevor Williams: Trevor is another light painting pioneer. He has made one of the single greatest contributions to the light painting movement with his founding of the Flickr group Light Junkies.

Michael Bosanko: Michael has been light painting since 2004. He has had great success with light painting photography. Michael has created images for several commercial clients and been published in numerous magazines.

Guilhem Nicolas: Guilhem, a.k.a. Jadikan-LP, is known for being a bit mysterious and secretive in his process and with the  tools that he uses to create his light painting images. He enjoys shooting a wide variety of subjects, everything from the human form to architecture.

Jake Saari: Jake, a.k.a Ectro, is figuratively and literally underground. He is lesser known that his roommate TCB, but he quietly creates amazing images while exploring the possibilities of light painting photography.

Chris Benbow: Chris, a.k.a. Nocturne, has coined his own term for his style of light painting photography its called noctography. Chris’s style is influenced by one of his favorite light painters Troy Pavia.

Jeremy Jackson: Jeremy works harder than you. He produces an insane  amount of light painting images and is well known for his Fire and Light Masks.

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Author : Jason D. Page

Light painting artist Jason D. Page has been a photographer for sixteen years. He has been light painting since 2004. Jason first discovered light painting photography when he used light from the moon to create designs in the sky. His first light painting series are known as “Moonlight Drawings”. He has received parking tickets, trespass warnings, and been chased out of the woods by a possible Bigfoot all in the name of light painting photography. Jason prefers to shoot alone at night deep into the woods, he says the fear that he sometimes feels allows his imagination to run wild and under these circumstances Jason can create his best work. Find out more about Jason at his website.

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