Now that you have mastered WordPress, you may want to consider getting a better look for your blog. Plenty of free themes are available, but sometimes a professional theme with enhanced options is necessary to make your site look clean and professional. Although you have to pay a small amount for premium WordPress themes, you will find that you get what you pay for in added features, improved appearance, and support options should something go wrong. Finding good premium themes may be tricky: you have to look out for scams. Listed below you will find 10 great places to buy WordPress themes.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links (at no extra cost to you). I recommend that you do your own independent research before purchasing any product or service. This article is not a guideline, a recommendation or endorsement of specific products.


1. Themeforest: has professionally designed themes with outstanding appearance and underlying customizations. Themeforest hosts a number of designers and their products under one roof, giving you access to thousands of premium themes that will help you make your WordPress site into the professional Web presence you have always wanted. Prices start as low as $1.


2. WooThemes: has some of the most sought after designs on the Web. The site also features themes for Drupal, tumblr, and ExpressionEngine. WooThemes has the reputation for quality and precision as well as for highly optimized, SEO friendly back ends that make your WordPress experience unparalleled. WooThemes offers a few free themes and prices vary on others.


3. Elegant Themes: lives up to its name by providing you the richest, XHTML and CSS based themes in the industry. By paying just $39, you can get all the themes on the site, so you can try each of them until you find the one you like best. Elegant Themes goes beyond looks to provide powerful admin tools that keep you in charge of your site.


4. WPzoom Themes: aim to be the most impressive you will find anywhere online. By promising to put WordPress to work for you and by providing a smooth user experience, WPzoom is a potent force in the industry, providing demanding webmasters with the power and flexibility they have always wanted in WordPress.


5. Theme Garden: is a WordPress theme marketplace where you can browse the creations of numerous programmers and buy only the ones you like the most.

6. Appthemes: is a WordPress theme developer that created applications with WordPress engine and the results are excellent. Why not leverage the many great features offered by WordPress when building a online web app? Appthemes do this with success.

7. StudioPress: is a well known source for outstanding WordPress themes that are aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. StudioPress offers their Genesis Framework that gives you the power to customize your own themes for yourself and for your clients. If you don’t have the time or the interest to become a developer, StudioPress has a big variety of premium themes that can be purchased by themselves or as a package.


8. Premium Themes: gives you a selection of brilliant WordPress themes at reasonable prices. Save the time you spend developing themes and save the hassle and frustration of dealing with freebie themes. Premium Themes has awesome themes and the support team necessary to keep you up and running all the time.


9. Graph Paper Press: Graph Paper Press provides some of the best designed WordPress themes I know of – especially for portfolios.

10. iThemes: has unique WordPress themes for sale that will match almost any need. Choose from customizable ‘builder’ themes like Entre or pick a well rounded theme such as Syndicate. Prices vary on the site with most themes selling for less than $80. These 10 great places to buy Premium WordPress themes hold a wealth of treasure waiting to be discovered. Visit each site and compare what they have to offer, then make your purchase and enjoy the power Premium WordPress themes have to offer.



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Author : Tom Walker

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