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August 7, 2010 · 11 comments

by seo-semantic-xhtml


As the Internet has become a necessity for a huge population of the world and with millions of people accessing Internet space every day, and millions stay online constantly, establishing a strong online presence that has become vital for today’s businesses, non-government organizations, educational institutes or any other establishments. Thus the trend in turn resulted in rise of millions of websites, and the web designers’ market has been growing ever since the phenomenal change has happened and also the PSD to HTML market which grows parallel to web designers market, as both are complimentary to each other.  As the demand for PSD to HTML service keeps on increasing, more and more new service providers have been entering the market and thus the market is becoming increasingly competitive day by day. But for a client who wants to get his website developed, it’s simply the quality of work, timely delivery and pricing which matter the most. Choosing the right PSD to HTML service provider among the crowd is a bit challenging; after all one should get the value for money.



To stay ahead in the online space you need to achieve a better position in the search engine rankings (SERPs), and the journey to the top spot starts right from choosing the appropriate domain name to constructing a perfectly optimized website. On-page optimization is crucial and challenging. An optimized website is one which is friendly and easy to read for search engine spiders. Most web designers create design in Photoshop and the output is a PSD-file. Typically the process of turning a design into a web page is called “PSD to HTML conversion” and it plays an important role in optimizing your website to make it more search engine friendly. Hiring the right PSD to HTML service provider is important as they will know that is required and work in all the best practices. If you are a web designer, you must know the importance of good PSD to HTML and finding the right service provider. It is not a simple as it sounds because there are so many options. If you are not a designer or do not have any technical background, there are high chances of being misguided by impressive advertisements and other popular promotional campaigns run by various service providers. In that case it is better to do a small research about service providers and their work processes. Also, doing a good comparison between the service providers based on various parameters would give you a better idea.  The objective of the article is to help the reader understand the most important criteria for comparing service providers and hiring the right one.

Important checklists to compare and evaluate service providers


Quality of Work: Ensure that the provider has mentioned all the features in the package like pixel perfect hand coded Div based Markup, short hand commented CSS, separation of structure and presentation (this ensures increased load speed, better accessibility and make any updates much easier), semantic and seo optimized Markup, W3c Validated code, cross browser and cross platform compatibility etc.

Establishment: The provider is a company or a freelancer, It is always better to place your order with a company, because companies have all the staff support and technical expertise to deliver a quality work. Moreover you can trust them, as for them it is a matter of reputation. Some prefer freelancers as they are a bit cost effective (But there are a few low cost service companies too), but you cannot compromise on quality and timely delivery, in that case it is advisable to check the reputation of the freelancer in the market and the years of experience.

Turnaround Time: Good companies deliver the first sliced page in 8 hours, and ensure that the other pages are delivered to you time to time without any delay. They always ensure timely delivery. Search the provider’s website for the turnaround time and time guarantee.

Support: Communication is very important. It is a specialized task, so it’s important that you give your specifications and other inputs from your side time to time and for that you must be in constant touch with the provider. So check their modes of communication, and confirm with the provider whether they would allow you to talk with their coders directly. Many companies do not provide you the facility, but it’s important that you give your specifications directly to the coders for better result.

Experience: Experience counts in every field. In case of PSD to HTML service, it is very important that the service provider should at least have an experience of 4-5 years. Anything more than that is an added advantage for you.

Cost: It is highly recommended to compare the costs of various service providers. Some may charge less, but the output might not be satisfactory, while some charge high, but the same quality of output can be delivered by a service provider who would charge comparatively much less. Then, why would you pay more for a service you could get at a much less price? Keep your budget in mind, and then evaluate service providers to find the right one, who can meet your expectations.

Clientele list: Go through the clientele list of the company, if it has some big brands in the list, that means they have been doing some quality work and enjoy good reputation in the market.

Guarantee: If a company offers 100% money back guarantee, in case the customer is unsatisfied with the work or for failure to deliver the project on time, that means the company is sure about its quality of work and believes in its capacity to deliver the projects on time.

After Sales Support: No company can make infinite changes after the delivery has been made, but still, confirm with the service provider about the support they provide, if you face any issue with your site after delivery.

Reviews on the web: Search about the company on the web; look for reviews, comments, any testimonial given by their customers, criticisms. This can help you to judge companies to a large extent.

PSD to HTML Directories: you can find a few directories in the web dedicated for PSD to HTML service providers, these are great resources to compare various service providers their costs, service, turnaround time etc.

Compare and contrast, evaluate and hire the best. At the end of the day quality of the output is what matters the most.

Good Luck!

Author : seo-semantic-xhtml

SEO Semantic XHTML, a specialized division of Ipraxa, is a PSD to HTML firm that specializes in PSD to HTML, XHTML and CSS conversion, eCommerce, open source integration and custom CMS Solutions.

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PSDCODED September 20, 2011 at 8:58 am

I don’t think it’s worth arguing whether it’s better to hire a company that specialize in a service vs freelancers who have a wide array of skills. Neither is necessarily “better,” it completely depends on the needs of the project and what makes sense for the client.


CodeMyConcept October 26, 2010 at 6:38 pm

@Paul Anderson
In our case we offer $79 for the first page and $45 per sub page, but we have the means to handle such prices. A lot of companies are just over priced for no reason at all, they may think that just because they have built “a name” that gives them the right to over charge for their services.
Quality work is quality work, and although I am completely against people who just give their work away for petty cash, fair prices are fair prices.


Paul Anderson August 18, 2010 at 7:10 am

@CodeMyConcept: Agreed.
It is interesting to see how many slicing “companies” offer conversion services for as low as US$45-49 per page and then a 50% discount on additional page. Even with an average of 4-6 hour per page slicing time, it would be ~US$6 per hour! Imagine the kind and quality of workers you could get, the “skillset” and the desperation behind it.
I would personally steer clear of such companies and would either work with the reputed ones or much rather prefer Freelancers who I know do exist and could complete the task.


CodeMyConcept August 10, 2010 at 10:48 pm

“After Sales Support” This is extremely delicate…a lot of the details to be taken care of are not seen right away but maybe after the final product is delivered. If the company or freelancer you hire won’t give you enough time to check for these details, don’t even bother.

Make sure they give a good enough time frame for any edits you may need to have done after delivery.


seo-semantic-xhtml August 9, 2010 at 9:25 am

I didn’t have any intention to marginalize freelancers and I don’t say that freelancers don’t have the skills and capabilities. Of course there are a lot of experienced and skilled freelancers in the market. I’m talking about the resource, the support, efficiency, the pool of talents and expertise that companies have. PSD to HTML also includes some advanced tasks like implementing jquery, Ajax, Protype, php programming, QA etc. Every freelancer need not necessarily have all the skills and experience in specialized tasks like these and client cannot approach different providers for his different requirements. He would obviously look for a provider who could cater all his requirements. Of course, there can be exceptional cases where a freelancer can be skilled at all the tasks and again the time duration matters. Where a single freelancer need to work on every requirement one by one, whereas a company having people who are skilled in different tasks can get all tasks/ requirements done simultaneously and deliver the project on time.


gfx August 8, 2010 at 2:19 pm

“It is always better to place your order with a company, because companies have all the staff support and technical expertise to deliver a quality work”
Its wrong!!


steve firth August 7, 2010 at 2:58 pm

Your “Establishment” point is balls …

I’m a freelancer, have been since 2002 and I do the best xhtml/css I’ve come across.

Other “companies” hire me when they have big projects with household names so they know it’s done properly.

The FACT of the matter is that companies only exist to make money, it’s their reason d’etre. This leads to a make do mentality.


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