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35+ Powerful Buddypress Themes – Want To Start A Successful Community?

by Dustin Betonio August 23, 2013 Wordpress

BuddyPress was conceived in 2008 while working to add social networking features to a WordPress MU powered site. The first official stable release was in May 2009. The platform has […]


25+ Best Responsive WordPress Themes – Spoil Your Mobile Visitors

by Dustin Betonio August 11, 2013 Wordpress

A responsive WordPress theme is a theme build to adapt with the purpose of giving tablet and smartphone users a great experience. This without maintaining multiple websites and multiple sets […]


20+ Best WordPress Facebook Plugins

by Dustin Betonio August 8, 2013 Wordpress

With a WordPress Facebook plugin, you can integrate Facebook with your blog or website or the other way around. Trust me there are several advantages of doing this and many […]


45+ Best jQuery Carousel Plugins

by Dustin Betonio July 7, 2013 jQuery Plugin Collections

In web design, a jQuery carousel is an element giving visitors easy and visible access to several content items. It is typically a dynamic scrolling list of items in horizontal […]


10+ Amazing Restaurant Menu Templates – Want More Hungry Customers?

by Dustin Betonio June 18, 2013 Wordpress

Restaurant Menu Templates for WordPress are tremendously popular these days because more restaurants, cafes, bars and coffee shops are creating online websites and menu’s for their business – and WordPress provides a rock […]


50+ Excellent WordPress Video Theme Collection

by Dustin Betonio June 13, 2013 Wordpress

With a cool WordPress video theme, I am sure your video streams will stand out and wow your visitors! Since the arrival of Youtube it has been extremely popular to […]


50+ Best WordPress Slider Plugin Collection – Feature Content With Style!

by Dustin Betonio June 11, 2013 Wordpress

Having a WordPress slider implemented into the top of a blog or website front page, category page etc., not only looks good, it also have a significant positive effect on […]


20+ Highly Useful WordPress Form Plugin Collection

by Dustin Betonio June 1, 2013 Wordpress

A WordPress form plugin can do wonders if you’re running an online business, portfolio or similar blog and are very dependent on user feedback. Users or visitors will need to […]


15+ Powerful WordPress Newspaper Themes

by Dustin Betonio May 17, 2013 Wordpress

Newspaper and magazine Style websites have become quite popular recently. This is partly because the newspaper layout is excellent for providing a lot of information in a structured and easy […]


55+ Amazing Retro Posters And Flyers

by Dustin Betonio May 16, 2013 Inspiration

Though trends come and go, one trend that never seems to disappear is pop art and retro design. Especially when designing posters and flyers the retro style seems to be […]

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