Designers use gradients as a common element in both web and graphic design. As an example, it is very popular to use gradients in web page navigation and on submit buttons to simulate depth and give the design elements a 3D effect. Gradients can be created using CSS3 properties and in most cases it is the right way to implement gradients in web design. It is however, essential to be able to design the gradients in tools like Photoshop where the overall design is created. The PSD file is then converted into HTML and CSS as part of the implementation and here gradients should be added as CSS instead of using image files.

When using gradients in Photoshop you typically will use the Gradient Tool (Shift +G). While gradients can be designed in Photoshop using the build in tool, it is a lot easier to load pre-created gradients in the .GRD format. Gradients can also be added as using the Brush Tool (B) and while you will have less control of the gradient, it is often possible to find brushes with cool gradient shapes. In this article, I have collected many useful gradient brush and gradient sets you can load into Photoshop and start adding amazing gradient effects in your designs. Please share the article on social media and take a minute to leave a comment for me.

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Gradient Brushes (ABR files)

Gradient Shape Brushes – MORE INFO


Cool gradient shape brushes to download, free for personal and commercial use! With this brushset, you are able to create stunning pieces of artwork easily!

Gradient Designs Brushes – MORE INFO


A set of Photoshop brushes made up of various shapes and designs with gradients. It includes all kinds of things, from swirls and waves to sunburst effects, bubbles, tribal-like flames, and much more!

70 Photoshop Gradient Brushes – MORE INFO


70 various gradients for Photoshop, well whatever really. It’s an ImagePack. I do not know how to convert them into other files like .grd, .abr and etc……You’ll have to ask someone else to convert them for you.

Gradient Brushes v.1 – MORE INFO


25 different gradient brushes for photoshop

Photoshop Gradient Brushes – MORE INFO


25 Rainbow Brushes. Various colours and textures. All 100X100 pix.

Gradient Ray Brushes – MORE INFO


5 Brushes 2500px

Block Gradient Brushes – MORE INFO


Abstract Waves Brushes – MORE INFO


6 Brushes 2500px

Abstract Gradient Brushes – MORE INFO


Photoshop brushes for CS – CS5

Simply Soft Brushes – MORE INFO


26 high resolution Simply Soft brushes between 1500-2500 pixels

Simplicity – MORE INFO


Made from 1 default square brush, manipulated. Contains an untransformed brush, enabling you to make the shapes you want. Just click “free transform.”

Gradient Shape Brushes – MORE INFO


I use these brushes with the Shape Dynamic and Scatter settings. 6 Brushes 2500px.

Fun with Vectors – MORE INFO


A collage of vector shapes in 4 Brushes 2500px

Abstract Designs Vol 2 Brushes – MORE INFO


5 Brushes 2500px

Aurora Borealis Brushes – MORE INFO


A set of Photoshop brushes made up of various shapes of Aurora Borealis, also known as the “Northern Lights.” Most are about 800 pixels high/wide or so.



Abstract Smudge Set – MORE INFO


Abstract Smudge Set – Made in CS3, don’t know if works in others. Has all the settings you need.

Circle Ray Brushes – MORE INFO


6 Brushes 2500px Photoshop CS-CS5

Web 2.0 Style Brushes – MORE INFO


65 brushes, loadsa gradients which are dynamically generating.

GVL Soft Texture brushes – MORE INFO


Use them alot to add texture to a background gradient as shown in the preview. – Just brush on an layer set to ‘overlay’ or however you like it, over a background. Real easy to use.

Bitter – MORE INFO


Light Storm III – MORE INFO


Yet another Light Storm brush set

Gradient Brushes – MORE INFO


These are brushes I’ve made from gradients. They’ve helped me with blends in the past, so I figured I’d upload them for your use.

Photoshop Gradients (GRD files)

new gradients – MORE INFO


Super Dooper Gradient Pack – MORE INFO


Every single gradient I have ever made for my work are in this handy dandy little zip. For free!!

sheld0n gradients 01: Candy – MORE INFO


18 gradients

Gradients 05-web style – MORE INFO


30 gradients, very useful for a nice web 2.0 style

sheld0n gradients 02: Random – MORE INFO


1 2 gradients

400 Gradient Varieties – MORE INFO


This pack contains four hundred gradient varieties. Made with Photoshop CS2 program and the colors came straight from my first fifty color pallet set.

Gradients Shooters – MORE INFO


That’s where these gradients come in handy.

Chic Sparkles – MORE INFO


PSCS2 Photoshop Sparkles Brushes. PS7 and up gold gradients in one zip.

ModernLife Web2.0 pallete – MORE INFO


Here are a decent bunch of 22 Web2.0 colours to get you going – all in convenient smooth gradient. the darker colour (base colour) is from ModernLife’s blog looks great on Myriad pro (any style)

Spring Breeze – MORE INFO


32 Gradients for Photoshop 7

Gradients 06 – MORE INFO


Rosa Ps Gradients – MORE INFO


90 rositas for Photoshop. I made two set Sourcherry and Rosa..

Gradients 08 – MORE INFO


Gradients 04 – MORE INFO


the set is composed by 56 gradients in .grd file

Gradients – MORE INFO


50 100×100 gradients

Emerald Dragon Ps Gradients – MORE INFO


30 green gradients for photoshop..

70 gradients – MORE INFO


Landscape Ps Gradients – MORE INFO


Gradients for Photoshop.. Landscape themes painting bases and/or color blenders. Free for commercial or personal arts works..

Gradients By Raeshena Batch 1 – MORE INFO


25 gradients in .PSPgradient, .grd, and .png formats.

Hot Sunset gradients set01 – MORE INFO


33 gradients to sink your teeth into, all inspired by a photo of a sunset taken by a friend of mine over at LJ.

Gradients 07 – MORE INFO


Wall Gradients For Photoshop – MORE INFO


Gradients taken from stock photos of walls, made in Photoshop 7.0.

gradients: blues – MORE INFO


A set of Photoshop gradients.

Adobe Gradients Pack – MORE INFO


Gradients (.grd) for making Adobe software icons.

Miss Cherie Gradients – MORE INFO


The color palette is just delicious- an interesting melange of muted neautrals n’ khaki’s & playful peaches n’ pinks & calming blues n’ lavenders, with a sudden pop of vibrant tomato-y red/orange.

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