WordPress is by far the most popular content management system (CMS) ever. This open source platform serves millions of website owners and is said to run on than a quarter of all websites. What makes WordPress so special? It is simple to get started and use, has a huge and very loyal user base. Further there is a large community of dedicated developers delivering themes and plugins in any shape and form imaginable.  

How-To Translate WordPress Themes and Plugins

If you have never translated a WordPress theme or plugin before you may find that first time you try it out... it is not that easy. WordPress is certainly well prepared for localization and with the right tools and understanding in place you can do it fast and even...

Modest WordPress Simple Theme

A good WordPress simple theme can be used to set up a professional site quite fast and the easy use and learning curve for WordPress also makes it accessible for people that are completely new to online publishing. Modest is a truly elegant and simple design that...

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