Colors are extremely attractive. When different colors are seen in one picture, they can create an appealing image. However, monochromatic color dominance in photography is also interesting and sometimes makes a stronger effect. Opting for this kind of photography gives you a unique yet stunning approach towards taking photos.

One color dominant photography is done when you choose one dominant color which will serve as your focal point. With this, that particular color expresses more intensity among other colors in the picture. This type of pictures tend to instantly catch the attention of every viewer.

If you are looking for an inspiration, here is a collection of awesome one dominant color pictures taken by various photographers from all across the world. We look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions. If you have photos to share, feel free to inform us the soonest. Have fun!



1. Colorful Swimmer in A World of Color

2. One for the Coffee lovers

3. spilled 2

4. Drop Hermeneutics

5. 120:365 | Orange | Single color (1/7)

6. It’s Carnival in Brazil, it’s Show time !

7. A Love Letter to Italy

one color dominated

8. Another Sleeping Beauty Castle Infrared Photo

9. 29/365: Odd one out

10. “Peacock” Fountain, One Maritime Plaza

11. One

12. Got Green?

one dominant color

13. Why so red

14. Violet Dominated Bay

one color dominance

15. Frustrated

one color dominance


17. Opps… (Blue Throat Robin.. female)

18. casa loma – ir

19. Fir / Conifer Tree Room

one color dominant

20. D5 – Dogs

21. The bang of colours – Loudness / Radau der Farben

22. Inner Flame


24. One Moment in Time: Identity I I

25. Blue color

26. Butterscotch World

27. Niagara Falls at Nigh

28. one on

29. Color Fantasy

30. One Hell of an Atrium

31. One step Beyond

32. Pink hibiscus … one of 50 blooms now

33. Lonely Beach – Challenge #11 – One Color & Hues

34. One Color Dominant Picture

35. April 23, 2006: The Color Purple

36. For Chuck: we’re green with envy that it’s your BIRTHDAY!! Have a great day 🙂

37. The weir

38. April 24, 2006: Dandelion

39. Dragonfly.. one more

40. A Touch of Fall Color

one color dominant

41. Alone in Qatar

one color dominant

42. Does purple water make purple rain?

43. Creamsicle Sunset

44. One day I’ll stop taking pictures of waterdrops…

45. Far away in a magical land

Author : Ronalea Talaboc

Rona is just a simple girl often lost in her daydreams in the days past. Now, she has found herself and discovered that she loves social media, gadgets, graphic design and anything creative. During her free time, you can find her taking pictures of cats and some surreal landscapes.

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