Many business administrators will agree that social networks are much more than just platforms for connecting with friends and acquaintances. Social media serve as an important marketing strategy for thousands of businesses world wide.

Posting content on social media networks can be an effective way of getting visibility for your website, products or new content you want to highlight. However, building a social media community and sharing the latest content across multiple platforms can be quite time consuming. Not only do you have to create the content, you also need to log in to each account in order to share it. This is a task you need to do yourself unless you have a social media manager in your team or know how to use a tool for sharing and scheduling posts.

Posting on social media networks one by one is tedious and the time you spend on it might be more worthwhile for other important tasks. This is why you need to work smart. You can effectively save time by using a social media post scheduler App like Hootsuite or BufferApp.

Hootsuite or BufferApp are two useful social media applications that will help you schedule and post content on your social media accounts. Tools like this lets you post on several accounts with just a few clicks making it easy to post content snippets across different platforms. You can even program the tools to post at specific times to add convenience and regularity to your postings. Let us have a look at each App separately.





Hootsuite was launched in 2008 as a social media management system essential for brand management. Its user interface is a dashboard that integrates Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, WordPress and Foursquare. As of August 2013, it’s now integrated with other applications such as Instagram, MailChimp, Reddit, Storify, Tumblr, Vimeo and YouTube. The app boasts of 7 million users in 175 countries worldwide.   You can view more details here. Users can manually sign-up or login through Facebook and other Social Media accounts.


Hootsuite Home Page

The Hootsuite Dashboard contains network streams and newsfeeds that keeps you up to date about your networks’ posts. The menu is placed in the left sidebar where you can add additional social network accounts and profiles, run and view Metrics in Analytics and view Contacts.


Hootsuite Dashboard

Scheduling posts in Hootsuite is easy. Just look for the “Compose message” area at the top left portion of the dashboard near the menu. Add your status message or photo post and press the Calendar icon under the text area. Choose the date and time of posting or use AutoSchedule.


Scheduling a Post in Hootsuite



Buffer App is a social media management tool designed to add a personal touch when sharing your content on your various social media accounts. The application schedules your posts in predetermined times (mostly at 3 hour intervals). This feature allows periodic posts that would certainly be of use when imposing regularity and targeting market audiences during campaigns. More details can be found here.

This application has a manual or third party account sign-up and login option.


BufferApp HomePage

This apps dashboard boasts of a clean user interface that is free of clutter and easy to go around. The main menu and its tabs are at the center right side panel while the Social Media profile tabs can be seen from the left side. However, the app only support Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Social Networks as free edition. If you need more platforms you will have you upgrade to a paid plan that can connect up to 12 social media networks.


BufferApp Dashboard

Scheduling a post in Buffer App is easy. It just requires you to enter your post message details and select “Share Now” or “Buffer”. The “Buffer” options lets you add your post into a queue where all posts are scheduled at automatic 3 hours intervals on specified days you choose. The time interval option can be replaced with a custom Post Time you have in mind.


Scheduling a Post in BufferApp

Let’s review

Now that we have seen the Post sharing features of each App, let us try to analyze them in terms of User Interface, Social Media Integration and Scheduling ability.

1. User Interface Hootsuite has a lot of streams that it can incorporate thus the complicated column design of its dashboard. Its ability to update newsfeeds from other Social Media sites is in real time so you can see a lot of content in the streams moving from time to time. On the other hand, Buffer App has a clean minimalist design that allows for clear navigation between Menu and Profile tabs. Its paid option gives access to 12 more Social Media accounts so the design still has enough space for the other feeds to appear.

2. Social Media Integration Buffer App can integrate 3 or more profiles using the free version. Other profiles will only appear after you purchase their paid option. Hootsuite is a mean machine that can add up to 13 Social Media profiles (other apps will not show unless you choose the paid version). Each profile can add up to 4 or more streams from that profile such as newsfeed, pages and more.

3. Scheduling Ability Hootsuite posts can be shared on multiple Social Media profiles at a time or at specific times. However, the posts are not scheduled immediately and requires time set-up and activation of auto scheduler option. The posts can only be posted once at a date specified unless you enable AutoScheduler option. Buffer App has limited social network sites to affiliate with but it compromises with its Timezone and automatic time intervals that adjust your posts to 3 hour periods. If 3 hours is too short for you, you can adjust the time periods to a longer gap you choose to have. Whatever the posts are, Buffer App can repeatedly post your content at specified dates.

The Verdict

Successful Social Media management is a combination of quality and share-able content, regularity and interaction. Those who favor interaction may find BufferApp to be too rigid while others may also think Hootsuite is too complicated. However, campaigns emphasizing repeat messages of purchase or product benefits may favor Buffer App’s interval feature while Hootsuite fans like its flexibility for posting interactive posts at an irregular time. Whatever the reason may be for your Social Media campaigns and posts, be sure to be enthusiastic and positive about your messages as these above all what makes your content shareable.

Personally I use Hoosuite every day and I plan to keep doing so. What is you preferred social media application? Please join the conversation!

Happy Posting!

Author : Anne-Sofie

Anne-Sofie is a social media manager at Invendio. She is passionate about social media and is always seeking new information and keeping up with the online trends.

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