Bicycle is both a great form of transportation and at the same time an exercise gear. Depending on the bicycle’s primary purpose, it can be designed for speed and ease of use, or it can be designed to burn the calories out of its rider. Either way, bicycles can be built in all shapes, sizes, height and appearance, depending on the taste and imagination of their maker. If you happen to observe the streets, you can readily see different look and designs of bicycles ridden by different people. Some designs are so cool that you cannot help yourself but take a second look while some designs are humongously out-of-this world, that they catch you awe stricken.

Here in this article, we are sharing with you some of the coolest and creative bicycle designs that you can take inspiration from if you want take a different twist in your bicycle riding. Some of these bicycles are functional items while some are conceptual designs which if built, will ultimately give new experience to their riders.

In you have anything in mind, or if you have anything to share along this line, please don’t hesitate to give your thoughts. We will also be happy to see your own bike if you happen to own one with a very cool and outrageous design. Just give us their link. Hope you enjoy!



1. GrassHopper fx – Folding Bicycle

[via HP Velotechnik]

2. YikeBike

[via YikeBike]

3. Urban Street Bike

[via Cube]

4. a-bike

[via a-bike]

5. Wooden Bike

via CNET]

6. Ville – Bike and Shopping Cart by Hyuk Jae Chang

[via Coroflot]

7. Variable Frame Bike by Daniel Knuepfer & Stefan Wallmann

[via Yanko Design]

8. i-Bike by Reindy Allendra

[via Behance]

9. Forkless – Cruiser by Ollie Erkilla

[via Ollie Erkilla]

10. Velorian recumbent trike by Mantas Palaima

[via Behance]

11. Nulla Bike by Bradford Waugh

[via Bradford Waugh Design]

12. Sideways Bike by Michael Killian

[via Sideways Bike]

13. IF-Mode Folding Bike by Strida

[via Amazon]

14. Locust Folding Bike by Josef Cadek

[via Coroflot]

15. Dreamslide Bike – Bike without a seat

[via Dream Slide]

16. Electric Bike Concept ver2 by Yuji Fujimura

[via Coroflot]

17. Taga – the bike that transforms to Baby Stroller when needed

[via Taga Bikes]

18. OneyBike – a retro bike

[via Petov Design]

19. “Gismo” – Rocket Powered Bicycle

[via The Rocketman]

20. Walking Bike

[via Its Not Bad at All]

21. OKES lifestyle bike by Reinier Korstanje

[via Behance]

22. Eco 07 by Victor Aleman

[via Behance]

23. Shocker Chopper by Team Tentakulus

[via Behance]

24. KölnDesign BoomBike by Team Tentakulus

[via Behance]

25. V-Bike by Federico Weber

[via Behance]

26. Lisboa Bike by Pedro Machado

[via Behance]

27. Wooden Bike by Jan Gunneweg

[via Jan Gunneweg]


[via Behance]

29. Bicycle by Felix Fridman

[via Behance]

30. Hybrid City Bike by Peter Dudas

[via Behance]

31. Wobblebike by Wobbly John

[via Instructables]

32. Bison Bike

via Neatorama]

33. Double-Sized DIY Bike

[via GearFuse]

34. Shift bike for beginner by Matt Grossman

[via I New Idea Homepage]

35. SeeSaw Bike by My Atomic Mass

[via My Atomic Mass]

36. CouchBike

[via Bike Forest]

37. Office Chair Bike by Wooden Bikes

[ via Instructables ]

38. Trike Design by Sergio Garcia

[via Sergio Garcia]

39. Taller Bike

[via Kordite – Flickr]

40. Weird Bike

[via kristi_t – Flickr]

41. Square-wheeled bike

[via vrogy – Flickr]

Author : Sonny Day

Sonny M. Day is a passionate SEO and web design enthusiast who loves photography, mountain climbing, snorkeling and dirt bike riding.


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