The Best And Worst Times To Post On Social Networks

by annesofie June 19, 2013Social Media

I post a great amount of content on the social networks every week and one thing I have noticed is that timing is everything. The amount of news shared on […]


How to Secure Your WordPress Uploads Directory

by Lars June 17, 2013Wordpress

Security is one of the main concerns when it comes to running a website, especially if it is based on the popular platform, WordPress. It is crucial to get right […]

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How to Create a WordPress Custom Post Type in 5 Minutes

by Lars June 13, 2013Wordpress

This is a basic tutorial on how to make your own WordPress custom post type – it is not as hard as most people expect – yet it is a […]


How To Create A Facebook Contest According To The Rules

by annesofie June 11, 2013Social Media

When I logged into my Facebook today I counted three contests in the news feed. As usual, it was three contests that all violates the Facebook rules. I am amazed […]


How To Make WordPress Images Responsive

by Lars June 11, 2013Wordpress

This is a mini tutorial for webmasters and developers that work on exiting website that are not yet responsive and mobile friendly. The use of responsive layouts in web design […]

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How To Add Business Hours On Your Facebook Page – In 3 easy steps

by annesofie June 10, 2013Social Media

As I was browsing Facebook earlier today I noticed that many business Pages do not show their opening hours – and some have not even an address or website visible. […]


How To Install A Pinterest Tab On Your Facebook Fan Page – 3 Simple Steps

by annesofie June 7, 2013Social Media

Though Facebook and Twitter seem to get the entire buzz these days there are other social networks that are worth looking into if you want to boost your business’ social […]


How To Disallow Specific Shortcodes in Post Content

by Lars June 6, 2013Wordpress Tutorials

Shortcodes are one of the most powerful tools the team behind WordPress have added, and it is especially useful for inserting reusable content into pages and posts. It has been […]


How To Set Up A Facebook Campaign In 5 Minutes

by annesofie June 4, 2013Social Media

Setting up an ad on Facebook is not complicated at all. Moreover, best of all you can do it yourself in just 5 minutes! I often hear business owners say, […]


After The Deadline – How To Add A Free Spell Checker Into WordPress

by Lars June 3, 2013WordPress Plugin Review

Most people get annoyed if they stumble upon simple spelling and grammar issues in an otherwise really great article. In addition, most people loose trust in the author and if […]

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