How To Use Facebook Insights To Improve Your Fan Engagement – 3 Simple Steps

by annesofie October 4, 2013Social Media

Creating Facebook Posts that both engage and get expositor can be difficult especially if you have no clue what works and what does not. However, Facebook provides you with some […]

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Set Up A Facebook Business Page In A Heartbeat

by annesofie August 20, 2013Social Media

Not that long ago, having a business meant that you had to be present in the local community and run ads in the local newspaper. Your business also had to […]


How To Target Your Business Leads On Facebook

by annesofie August 7, 2013Social Media

Over time most businesses focus on building databases of leads and customers. This way they can boost sales and promote new products using low cost methods, such as, e.g. direct […]

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Instagram vs. Pinterest – Same Same Or Quite Different?

by annesofie August 1, 2013Social Media

If you are not yet acquainted with either Instagram or Pinterest you might get the impression that they are very similar social image sharing networks. However, that would be the […]


Tips On How to Use Instagram For Business

by annesofie July 29, 2013Social Media

Though the interest surrounding Instagram has been steadily increasing recent years it is not until recent that they have succeeded in making the leap from the baby pool into the […]


How To Easily Share Your Facebook Images On Pinterest Using ShotPin

by annesofie July 23, 2013Social Media

Most business have a social media strategy in today’s world. Not all businesses have a strategy in writing, but then at least they have an idea of the importance of […]

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How To Create A Facebook Contest Or Promotion App

by annesofie July 20, 2013Social Media

For quite some time I thought that designing a Facebook contest or promotion app was impossible unless you were extremely slick at coding or had the money to buy a […]

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How To Customize Who Sees Your Facebook Posts

by annesofie July 16, 2013Social Media

Once in a while you need to hide a Facebook post from some of your friends. It could be your family, colleagues or even your best friends that you do […]


How To Add a Simple Auction Solution on Your WordPress Website

by Lars June 27, 2013WordPress Plugin Review

WordPress usage has been diversified over the past few years. It was originally meant as a CMS for bloggers but more and more designers/developers use it to build completely different […]


How To Create A Google Plus Business Page – 3 Step Guide

by annesofie June 25, 2013Social Media

If you want, your business to be present on the social networks one of the sites you need to be aware of is Google+. As of now, Google+ is the […]

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