10 Best URL Shorteners and why they are good

by Dustin Betonio June 6, 2010Tools

URL shortening services are used by millions of people on daily basis as they a serve very important purposes in areas like social networking and internet marketing and are extremely […]


35 Irresistible Free and Commercial Screen Recording Tools

by Lars April 3, 2010Tools

Screencasts are basically recordings of the screen like screenshots. Difference is that Screencasts are recordings of many screenshots every second capturing all your activities on the screen into a movie […]


Best Open Source Software for Web Designers and Developers

by Lars March 15, 2010Tools

Writing an article that lists the Best Open Source Software for Web Designers and Developers is really difficult but necessary. It is not because there to few products to choose […]


20 Most Popular Open Source Software Ever

by Tom Walker March 10, 2010Tools

20 Most Popular Open Source Software Ever These days, you can quite easily buy a brand-spanking-new computer and install all the software you need for free, using applications offered under […]


25+ Free Editors and IDEs for Freelance Developers on a Tough Budget

by Lars January 28, 2010Tools

Spending hundreds of dollars on a text editor or IDE may give you a great tool with loads of nice features, regular updates, great documentation etc…. It’s an option but […]


28 Seriously Useful Tools for Creating Your Own Screencast

by Lars January 25, 2010Tools

Software for creating screencasts have become essential and the products available are being used intensively for creating thousands of new videos every day. Screencasts are like all over the place […]


30+ Best Tools for building and managing your twitter popularity

by Lars January 23, 2010Social Media

Twitter is today one of the largest, most active and fastest growing social networks. It is essential that you know how to get the most out of twitter of you’re […]


45+ Useful Air Applications for Web Design and Development Freelancers

by Lars January 17, 2010Tools

Abobe Air may not get a lot of attention but maybe it should. The amount of good free applications available is rather surprising. Generally the applications are light weight, are […]


17 Fantastic Apps Made Especially for Writers

by Tom Walker January 13, 2010Tools

An increasing number of writers are being dragged (kicking and screaming in some cases) into the 21st century. They’re abandoning the use of pen and paper and starting to embrace […]


Great Websites Dedicated to Help You Find WordPress Themes

by Lars January 11, 2010Wordpress

There are really many free themes for WordPress available for download, maybe too many! There are also many sites devoted mainly to providing easy access to free WordPress themes and it is […]

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