40 Thought-Provoking Candid Photography Examples and Tutorials

by Sonny M. Day August 3, 2012 Photography

Candid photography is technique of taking photos of realistic scenes and actions as they happen. Put it the other way, candid shots are natural photos of people in realistic scenarios […]


40 Heartwarming Backlit Photography Showcase

by Sonny M. Day July 26, 2012 Photography

Backlit photography is one where the light source comes from behind the subject. To take a beautiful photo under such condition is challenging. That is why, if you are interested […]


40 Amazing Photos of Birds in Flight for Inspiration

by Sonny M. Day July 21, 2012 Photography

Looking around, we can see a lot nature’s wonders and one of them are birds. Indeed birds are always a sight to be behold especially if you happen to see […]

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40 Fantastic Examples of Motion-Blur Photography

by Sonny M. Day July 6, 2012 Photography

If you want to capture the action of your subject, a great way to do it is to apply motion-blur effect on your photo. By selecting a longer shutter speed, […]


35+ Examples of Beautiful Aerial Photography for Inspiration

by Sonny M. Day June 8, 2012 Photography

Aerial photography is the technique of taking photos of the land from an elevated location. In most cases, aerial photographs are taken without the support of a ground based structure. […]

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30+ Breathtaking Rock Formation Photography

by Sonny M. Day April 11, 2012 Photography

Around the world, there are a lot of rock formations which are amazing to look at to say the least. How do these rocks come into being? What have they […]

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30+ Breathtaking Pictures of Churches Around the World That You Must See

by Sonny M. Day April 6, 2012 Photography

Jesus Christ was born in a manger or a shed where animals were kept. When he grew up, he led a very humble life. He did not wear any jewelry […]


50 Artistic Collection Of Fine Arts Photography

by Ronalea March 21, 2012 Photography

Fine arts photography, also known as art photography, refers to an activity which a certain photo conveys a message that a photographer or an artist wants to express in a […]


45 Beautiful Examples Of Portrait Photography

by Ronalea March 11, 2012 Photography

Are you interested in improving your portrait pictures? If so, read on and find out more about portrait photography. Portrait photography is a type of photography in which the focus […]


40 Stylish Collection Of Vintage Photo Manipulations

by Ronalea March 5, 2012 Photography

In photography, various types of manipulation can be done to give a picture a new and completely different look. A pretty popular one is vintage photo manipulation and the results […]

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