35 Recyclable and Eco-Friendly Packaging Designs for Inspiration

by Sonny M. Day June 5, 2012Inspiration

Nowadays, the most popular practice in packaging design is towards the use of eco-friendly materials. These are the ones that which are biodegradable and also recyclable. Indeed, investing in this […]


25 Remarkable Examples of WordPress Websites

by Lars April 30, 2012Inspiration

Are you aware that the features making WordPress so popular for bloggers actually may be quite useful as a CMS for anyone building a website, e.g. a news portal (using […]


30 Excellent Examples of Dollar Bill Origami Art

by Lars April 17, 2012Inspiration

Most of us know that money can’t buy us true love and happiness. Still money turn out to be hard to do without in most parts of the world.  While […]


35 Stylish and Creative Wedding Invitation Designs for Inspiration

by Sonny M. Day April 16, 2012Inspiration

Wedding is one of the most grandiose of occasions in humans’ lives. It is usually celebrated with elegance and splendor for a good reason. It marks the transition of a […]


40 Creative Transparent Business Cards

by Dustin Betonio March 15, 2012Inspiration

Having a cool and attractive business card is always an advantage for an individual or company as they can always solidify a first impression. Business cards are shared during formal […]


30 Futuristic Car Concepts You Will Definitely Wish For

by Dustin Betonio March 3, 2012Inspiration

There are a lot of concept cars that are out already and it seems they will be available in the next decade or less. Concept cars are made to show […]


35 Amazingly Creative Lego Designs

by Dustin Betonio February 8, 2012Inspiration

Lego consists of thousands of colorful plastic bricks, gears, mini characters and various other parts. Lego bricks can be assembled and connected in many creative ways whatever pops up in […]


40 Cool Computer Workstation Setups for Inspiration

by Sonny M. Day January 29, 2012Inspiration

If your job, hobby or lifestyle in itself demands spending a lot of time each day working on a computer, or lots of computers all at the same time, you […]

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25 Cool Home Theater Set-ups

by Dustin Betonio January 27, 2012Inspiration

A home theater or home cinema is a theater built in a home, designed to mimic or exceed a commercial theater performance and feeling. Home theaters are very popular nowadays, […]


30 Cool and Creative Camping Tent Designs

by Sonny M. Day January 25, 2012Inspiration

  If you are creative and also love outdoor adventure then you also love to bring with you a creative tent where you can take a rest after an exhausting […]

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