10 Useful jQuery Techniques to Improve Your Code

by Lars December 16, 2009 Javascript

jQuery is known for making JavaScript things that used to be hard or almost impossible for most people simple and elegant. While the jQuery community is growing so is the […]


75+ Tools for Visualizing your Data, CSS, Flash, jQuery, PHP

by Lars December 9, 2009 Development

Most people would agree that the old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” is also true for web based solutions. There should be no discussion – Charts and […]


Top 10 Beautiful Christmas Countdown Timers

by Phong Thai December 9, 2009 Development

Christmas is getting closer really fast now. And if you can’t wait like most others and if you are looking for one beautiful timer for counting down to Christmas Day […]


40+ jQuery Plugins Improving Your Website Look and Feel

by Lars December 3, 2009 jQuery Plugin Collections

Making more and more appealing and interactive user interfaces have been one of the never ending competitions between web designers since html and browsers where in the mid nineties. The […]


Build an Awesome Community News Feature for Your WordPress Blog

by Lars December 1, 2009 Development

In this article tripwire magazine provides a detailed tutorial on how to setup a Community News Feed solution in WordPress 2.8+. I use it at tripwire magazine and currently get […]


50+ Online CSS Tools for Web Developers and Designers

by Lars November 27, 2009 CSS

For web developers and designers CSS is like a second native language. If your not mastering it you’re not able to do what is expected by customers and it will […]


Truly Useful Form Validation Scripts for Front End Development

by Lars November 23, 2009 jQuery Plugin Collections

The value of validating user input should not be underestimated. First of all it helps user put in the right information faster and if implemented elegantly users may not even […]


Toolkit with 6 Awesome jQuery User Interface components

by Lars November 19, 2009 jQuery Plugin Collections

I found jQuery Tools the other days and have been looking into what it is. I decided that it is pretty interesting and worth writing a dedicated post about. jQuery […]


15 Top Rated jQuery Plugins

by Lars November 14, 2009 jQuery Plugin Collections

jQuery is great and the amount of free extensions is simply amazing! But the number of plugins available are almost paralysing and I believe we are lacking a smart solution […]


20+ Awesome jQuery Compilations of Plugins, Tutorials and Cheat Sheets

by Lars November 12, 2009 jQuery Plugin Collections

jQuery is not a new subject here on tripwire magazine but lets try something new. In this post I have listed some of the best “Mega Posts” I know showcasing […]

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