45+ New Year Holidays Wallpapers

by Lars January 2, 2014Wallpapers

Already 2014! It is time to set new goals and plan for all the great things to do in the year to come. Wish you all a great start and […]


25+ Parallel Worlds Desktop Wallpapers

by Anders November 28, 2013Wallpapers

Are you a believer in parallel universe theories? If so, you are not by your lonesome in this world. The topic is an interesting thought to ponder and even more […]

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45+ Rage Of Lightning Wallpapers

by Anders October 14, 2013Wallpapers

Rage of lightning wallpapers might just be what your computer screen needs to become more fun and exciting. Lightning is an amazing, natural occurrence and also the stuff of imagination […]


45+ Lovely Free Tree Wallpapers – Need Some Nature Inspiration

by Anders September 13, 2013Wallpapers

If you are sitting in front of your computer all day long, I am sure you can benefit from some nature inspiration and that it may help you keep up […]


45+ Raindrops Wallpapers For Your Desktop

by Anders August 29, 2013Wallpapers

It has been a long time since I shared some cool wallpapers here on Tripwire Magazine. As we are approaching fall here in Denmark and the weather is getting colder […]


50+ Motivational Desktop Wallpapers

by Lars April 22, 2013Wallpapers

Having the right mindset and motivation is everything in a busy working environment. When sitting behind the computer long hours every day you might need an energy boost from time […]

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55+ Mesmerizing Raindrops HD Wallpapers

by annesofie April 12, 2013Wallpapers

If you are working long hours at a computer every day, you will probably agree that having a calm screen saver such as raindrops falling or to enjoy can be […]

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40+ Amazing Cloud Wallpapers

by Lars March 25, 2013Wallpapers

There is something fascinating about glancing at the ever changing cloud formations and dream away for just a short moment. The beauty for storm clouds that are shaping or┬ásun rays […]


50+ Amazing Underwater Wallpapers – Ready to Dive in?

by Dustin Betonio March 14, 2013Wallpapers

Having a great looking wallpaper on your computer desktop is one of the easiest ways to lighten up your day. Especially underwater wallpapers seems to be popular do to the […]


50+ Marvelous Minimalist Wallpaper Designs

by alexnaz February 6, 2013Wallpapers

Minimalist wallpaper design is the cure if you hate desktop clutter. Minimalism is a widely known style in design since it keeps things user friendly and simple. In addition, a […]

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