20+ Awesome Photoshop Cartoon Tutorials and Actions

by Lars November 23, 2012 Photoshop

It has become quite popular to create a personal cartoon face and use it as avatar image, but cartoon illustrations can also be used in all kinds of designs. Many […]


35+ Cool Photoshop Transportation Brush Sets

by Lars November 18, 2012 Photoshop

A good collection of Photoshop brushes is always useful for graphic designers and for this reason we have created a lot of great brush collections you can choose from. For […]

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50 Cool Christmas Photoshop Tutorials

by Sonny M. Day November 15, 2012 Photoshop

Christmas is fast approaching and a lot of us are starting to look forward for a fun and exciting holiday season. Basically, it is the time for spreading joy to […]

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40 Great Photoshop Texture Tutorials

by Sonny M. Day November 6, 2012 Photoshop

Using Photoshop textures in your design can help you create stunning results. Therefore, being able to work with textures in Photoshop is a valuable skill for designers and graphic artists. Whether […]


How to Create a Notepad UI Design in Photoshop

by sanjay November 5, 2012 Photoshop

Apps and services for storing and organizing notes online are really popular at the moment. So I decided to create a Photoshop tutorial for designing a simple and clean notepad […]


35 Great Splash Brush Sets for Photoshop

by Sonny M. Day October 30, 2012 Photoshop

Having a good sizable collection of Photoshop brushes is always good for speeding up design work and making cool effects in a snap. In many types of designs, splash effects […]

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40+ Scary Halloween Photoshop Tutorials

by Sonny M. Day October 28, 2012 Photoshop

Halloween is just around the corner, and as always preparations are well underway. Parents are shopping scary costumes and decorations for their children, horrifying movies premier in theatres and candy […]


40 Awesome Sets of Photoshop Line Brushes

by Sonny M. Day October 12, 2012 Photoshop

With Photoshop line brushes you can create great looking line patterns, borders etc. in a snap. They are also useful as separators and as design elements in backgrounds. We often […]


45 Useful Sets of Photoshop Tree Brushes

by Lars October 8, 2012 Photoshop

With Photoshop tree brushes you can easily add trees, palm and bush forms and silhouettes to your designs. Tree brushes are closely related to and may be used together with […]


20+ Free Sets of Photoshop Sparkle Brushes

by alexnaz October 1, 2012 Photoshop

Photoshop brushes are great for adding specific elements and effect to designs and photos without having to draw them in free hand. Photoshop have several build in default brushes, but if […]

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