40 Amazing Photoshop Light Effect Tutorials

by Harvey J. Aniasco February 28, 2013 Photoshop

Photoshop light effect tutorials are great to turn to when you work on designs with fiery or glowing effects. If you need inspiration or tips, tricks and techniques they great […]


50+ Useful Photoshop Circular Brushes

by Lars February 26, 2013 Photoshop

Circular design elements are used in many creative designs. I like to use the brush tool in Photoshop (B) and with a large collection of Photoshop Circular brushes; it is […]


40+ Great Photoshop Feather Brushes for Designers

by Harvey J. Aniasco February 23, 2013 Photoshop

Photoshop brushes are useful for graphic artists because they speed up of the process of adding custom shapes and objects on their designs. Instead of creating the design elements from […]

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65+ Photoshop Crack Brushes – Add Cool Cracking Effects

by Lars February 22, 2013 Photoshop

The Photoshop Brush Tool (B) is one of my personal favorites and probably one of the most powerful weapons graphic designers have in the arsenal. The brush tool can be […]


Smoking Hot Photoshop Bullet Hole Brushes

by Lars February 8, 2013 Photoshop

Photoshop bullet hole brushes can be applied to many types of designs if used with caution. Obvious examples are wanted and action movie posters. However a good bullet hole brush […]


35+ Stunning Photoshop Fractal Brush Sets

by Lars January 18, 2013 Photoshop

Photoshop fractal brush sets are great for adding energy, motion effect and bringing designs to life. Some fractal brushes also have the ability to create an amazing explosive effect is […]


30 Brilliant Photoshop Fireworks Brushes

by Sonny M. Day December 20, 2012 Photoshop

Fireworks dates back to 7th century China, where people used it to accompany festivities. Over the centuries the tradition of using fireworks for special occasions, have spread throughout the world […]


135+ Photoshop Tutorials: Learn Awesome Photoshop Effects

by Lars December 10, 2012 Photoshop

This is a massive collection of tutorials showing you how to create amazing Photoshop effects. It is amazing what you can do in tools like Photoshop. In most cases, learning […]


45+ Amazing Animal Photo Manipulation

by Lars December 4, 2012 Photoshop

Most photos we see in printed magazines, ads etc. have been manipulated one way or the other. This could be anything like removing skin impurities, making people look more skinny […]


30+ Inspiring Free Calendar and Date Picker PSD Designs

by Lars November 29, 2012 Photoshop

Calendars and date pickers have many use cases in web application design e.g. in situations where users need to input dates or date ranges. While you can start designing from […]

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