25+ Examples of keeping Web Design Simple and Minimalistic

by Lars June 29, 2010Web Design

Most modern web sites tend to have a lot of colors, content, images, video and sound. While the overall trend may be going this way “keeping it simple” still works […]


20 High Quality Premium HTML/CSS templates

by Dustin Betonio June 25, 2010Web Design

Website Templates are always valuable they can be used by any individual or organization to fast track set up of their website. Well designed templates will separate content from presentation […]


30+ Excellent Examples of Large Typography in Web Design

by Lars June 24, 2010Web Design

Typography is a key elements of web design, right? Unless you are creating a photo gallery you are likely to have typography all over you design, in headlines, logo, body […]


10 Great Tips to Boost Creativity

by Mariana Ashley June 23, 2010Web Design

It’s easy to get in a rut when designing websites. Web designers know what they’re good at and tend to play to their strengths. However, certain projects allow a designer […]


Three Free Must See Branding Identity Kits

by Dustin Betonio June 20, 2010Design

Today I stumbled upon three unique and free downloadable identity branding kits from Inkd. You probably know Inkd as a vendor or for their stylish business card templates, brochure templates, […]


30+ Web Designs With Awesome Illustrations

by Lars June 20, 2010Web Design

There is currently a strong trend in web design using drawn illustrations to tell a story and giving the website a unique look that is easy to remember. Often these […]


20 Excellent Web Site Front Pages Designed for High Conversion!

by Lars June 19, 2010Web Design

Convincing visitors on a web site to take some kind of action is one of the most important skills to master as a web designer. The Internet is certainly the […]


20 Beautiful Web Design Portfolios for Inspiration

by Dustin Betonio June 17, 2010Web Design

Graphic design portfolios are among some of the best designed websites on the Internet. Why? Because talented designers use portfolios to showcase their talent. When most people think of a […]


20 Stunning Examples of Web Designs build around a Photo

by Dustin Betonio June 16, 2010Web Design

The right image in the right spot can say more than thousands words, don’t you agree? Using a photo as a key element of web design can give your website […]


25+ Examples of Best Single page websites

by Rish June 16, 2010Web Design

Internet is all about websites. And now a days, more about beautiful websites. To catch your users’ attention, it’s not mandatory to have a full fledged huge websites. Often, single […]

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