45+ Flat Mobile Icon Designs – Love Or Hate?

by Anders October 16, 2013Icons

Flat mobile icon resources are popping up all over the internet, just like flat design has been conquering a lot of website layouts the recent years. With emphasis on color […]


30+ Websites Offering Free Icon Sets For Download

by Anders August 26, 2013Icons

Free icon sets of high quality can be really useful for busy web designers to speed up the creative process. Icons play an important role in blog- and website design […]


70+ Cool And Trendy iOS App Icons

by Lars March 15, 2013Icons

We have covered many aspects of icon designs here on Tripwire over the years, however, one of the larger trends is yet to be taken care of. The recent years […]

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40+ Cool Icon Font Sets

by Lars March 6, 2013Icons

If you work as a professional designer, you will know that you can never get to many icons in your collection. The more sets the bigger diversity you get in […]

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30 Free and Awesome Hand Drawn Icons

by Sonny M. Day February 21, 2013Design

If you want to stand out from the rigid businesslike feel of many websites, then hand drawn icons are right for you. Unlike the clean, glossy and perfectly-shaped web elements […]


30+ Sets of High-Quality Weather Icons for Free

by Sonny M. Day January 19, 2013Icons

Want to give regular weather updates on your websites? There are actually many ways to do it, but if you want something which is catchy and attractive, without occupying much […]

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30 Great Collections of Glyph Icons For Designers

by Lars January 16, 2013Icons

For website and mobile app designers it is great to have a sizable collection of glyph icons. A set of icons with well designed glyph symbols can easily be used […]


25+ Packs of High-Quality and Free Sports Icons

by Sonny M. Day June 25, 2012Icons

We are in the middle of a true sports inferno with EM2012, Tour de France, London 2012 Summer Olympics. This makes sports icons highly useful just now. In graphic and […]

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70+ Awesome Free Icon Sets Web Designers

by Lars May 29, 2012Icons

Icons are images specifically designed to deliver a message and good Icons are simply awesome to for that purpose. For that reason at good collection of icons can be really […]


85 Photoshop and Illustrator Icon Design Tutorials

by Lars May 5, 2012Icons

Icons can be used effectively almost everywhere in design to send a clear message or assist users to navigate. Some Icons are detailed to a degree that makes them look […]

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