10 Tips to Conquer the Blank Page

by Daniela June 20, 2011 Writing

Unfortunately, writer’s block is an annoying phenomenon that hits every writer at least once (but most likely many more times) in their career. Once it makes its annoying presence known, […]


SEO Basics and Balance between Reader- and SEO-friendly Content

by Lars April 16, 2011 Writing

We live in the information age and humans are information addicts. We need answers to our questions and solutions to our problems and we need them right now. Our constant […]


The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Copywriting – How to Write Effective Website Content

by kayross February 28, 2011 Writing

Good design in websites is important; I don’t deny that. But I’m a marketing consultant, editor and copywriter (that means I write the words of marketing messages). So this article […]


Power Words and Templates for Writing Killer Headlines

by Lars February 1, 2011 Writing

When you write a headline you have to realize that this is the first, and maybe the only, impression you will make on your prospective readers. Therefore your headline have […]


How To Write A Killer Article In Less Than 30 Minutes

by Lars February 1, 2011 Writing

It is well known in the blogging sphere that pillar content is key to getting a good following and driving traffic to your blog. Problem is that unless you are […]


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