The feel of sand on your feet, the sound of waves as it hits the shore, the salty breeze on your skin and the warmth of the sun all make up a perfect vacation getaway. Occasionally, we need to slow down and relieve some of the stress we experience in our everyday lives. For most people, the beach offers an unadulterated relaxing experience.

Beach wallpaper designs is not the same, but still have a relaxing effect on us. The colors of the ocean along with the vast sky evoke a feeling of happiness and peace in us all. Therefore, the next time, you feel stressed or gloomy; change your desktop or mobile gadget home screen into your personal beach picture getaway. You should also consider images with great sand sculptures if you just love beach activities. Here are some of the most beautiful beach wallpapers collected for you and ready to be downloaded free.



Serenity – MORE INFO

serenity beach wallpaper

This beach wallpaper epitomizes serenity and wonder. The rainbow colored sky is just a joy to stare at. You will also see distant birds flying in a formation. The bursting colors of the sky also reflect on the clear and deep water.

Piscadera Bay, Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles – MORE INFO

Piscadera Bay beach wallpaper

This is one of the usual beach desktop backgrounds you will find online. Here’s a beautiful beach that has fine white sand, clear turquoise water and beach umbrellas made of dried palm leaves.

Old Park Bench – MORE INFO


Great beach wallpaper with sunset at Horseshoe Lake Park. Sigma 10-20 @ 10mm

Bora-Bora Wallpaper – MORE INFO

bora bora beach wallpaper

A picture of a perfect getaway in Bora Bora… This beach wallpaper has an infinity pool that overlooks the pristine waters of the ocean and a beautiful mountain. A seemingly soothing Jacuzzi is in the middle of the pool.

An Empty Hammock, Kauai, Hawaii – MORE INFO

An Empty Hammock beach wallpaper

This palm tree wallpaper is just so inviting. The green of the palm trees relieves stress on your eyes. Imagine yourself lying on the hammock beneath these palm trees. That’s heaven on earth right there!

Anse Source D’agent – MORE INFO


Seychelles, August 2007. Shot taken with a Pentax K100d + DA14/2.8 @ F/13, ISO200, 1/160, Polarizer.

Amazing Rainbow – MORE INFO

amazing rainbow beach wallpaper

I don’t know anyone who isn’t fascinated over rainbows. There’s something magical about this beautiful wallpaper where you can see a complete rainbow above a beautiful beach. It looks like a scene from a fantasy movie.

Misawa – MORE INFO


Sunrise on the coast of Misawa, Japan.

Reflection – MORE INFO

reflection beach wallpaper

This beach sunset wallpaper makes it seem like the sky is on fire. And the water beneath is like a mirror that reflects the sky, which is like God’s canvas.

Hammock On The Beach – MORE INFO

hammock on the beach wallpaper

Another palm tree wallpaper that is the epitome of relaxation and bliss. The perspective of this beach wallpaper is remarkable. It’s like you’re standing right there and appreciating the view in front of you.

Tropical Wonder – MORE INFO

tropical wonder beach wallpaper

This bright and colorful beach wallpaper features several tropical birds and a sailboat. It’s like being one with nature. The bright sunny day and the immense clouds make you wish you were there.

Driftwood at Sunset – MORE INFO

driftwood at sunset beach wallpaper

This peaceful beach sunset wallpaper lets you envision those distinct rays of sun coupled with the cool breeze that signals night is approaching. One can imagine sitting on the driftwood while watching the sunset.

Moon and the Rock – MORE INFO

moon and the rock beach wallpaper

Moon and the Rock is a dream like beach sunset wallpaper. The slow shutter speed of the camera renders this beautiful wallpaper of having a blanket of fog. The distant crescent moon and the pastel sky will make for a beautiful desktop.

Evening Landscape – MORE INFO

evening landscape beach wallpaper

This beautiful landscape is very picturesque. The glowing color of the clouds, the reflection and the rock pathway is perfect for an evening walk with a loved one. Use this as your beach desktop wallpaper.

Evening Chill – MORE INFO

evening chill beach wallpaper

A lone lounge chair is the focal point of this utterly relaxing beach sunset wallpaper but somehow it doesn’t seem lonesome at all. The beautiful beach backdrop is marvelous and serene.

Lighthouse Wallpaper – MORE INFO

lighthouse beach wallpaper

Pink, orange, purple and yellow are the most breathtaking colors of a sunset. The colors reflect on the white lighthouse and the waves that lap on the shore are visible. This glorious beach wallpaper will surely lift up your spirits.

Sunset Under the Pier – MORE INFO

sunset under the_pier beach wallpaper

A perfect addition to beach screensavers or beach desktop wallpaper is this photo of an underneath pier. The waves lapping back and forth and the perspective of the photo create an optical illusion.

Amazing Beach – MORE INFO

amazing beach wallpaper

This amazing beach looks secluded and tranquil. Footsteps of a single person lead the way to the water and the pristine ocean seem as endless as the sky above. This beach wallpaper will transport you to paradise.

Retro Beach – MORE INFO

retro beach wallpaper

This retro look is for those who love photography and art. The beautiful beach has pink and light blue hue and seemingly brings out some distant memory. If you want a simple and clean beach desktop wallpaper, this one is perfect.

Boat Wallpaper – MORE INFO

boat beach wallpaper

This is one of the most unique beach wallpapers you’ll find. The boat beautifully reflects on the clear water and the sunset gives a golden glow to the sailboat. It is both romantic and adventurous.


beach wallpaper

There is nothing else like the feel of the waves lapping on your feet while your toes are digging into the ground. This beach wallpaper features the frothy aftermath of a wave that has hit the shore.

Ripples in the Sand – MORE INFO

ripples in the sand beach wallpaper

This beach desktop looks like a work of art. The ripples in the sand come out after the high tide of the ocean has receded. The cotton-like clouds reflect on the clear water.

Sunrise Across the Sea – MORE INFO

sunrise across the sea beach wallpaper

A perfect way to begin your day is by looking at a sunrise. Put this as your beach wallpaper and your day will surely be a little brighter and less boring. It’s like nature’s promise that your day will be full of promise.

Footprints in the Sand – MORE INFO

footprints in the sand beach wallpaper

Walking on the beach is can be quite therapeutic. This is one of the beach wallpapers that evoke that feeling. A close up shot of the footprints and the bubbles of the waves is like an escape from a stressful day.

Tropical Beach Sunset – MORE INFO

tropical beach sunset wallpaper

A bursting of color and aggressive waves make this beach wallpaper a very appealing one. Palm trees line the island and a distant parasail can be seen. The powerful sunset is a contrast to the white froth.

Tropical Sunrise Wallpaper – MORE INFO

tropical sunrise beach wallpaper

Just looking at this incredible palm tree wallpaper will delight you. The beautiful pink blue, yellow and green colors come from the sunrise sky. The wonderful view will elevate your mood.

Sunset – MORE INFO

sunset beach wallpaper

If you need some escape from the hustle and bustle of your everyday office life, create some beach screensavers. You can add this perfect sunset along with other beautiful wallpapers and your day will not seem so bleak.

Spectacular Pier Restaurant and Casino – MORE INFO

spectacular pier restaurant and casino beach wallpaper

When you see this beach wallpaper, you’ll dream of vacationing in this unique pier restaurant and casino. But other than that, this beach desktop background will lighten your mood with its pastel hues.

Pier Sunset – MORE INFO

pier sunset beach wallpaper

Sunset watching by the pier is just as good as watching it by the beach. You have a complete view of the beach and the sunset at once. Make this one of your beach desktop backgrounds.

Sailing – MORE INFO

sailing beach wallpaper

Clear skies and a pristine turquoise ocean will make you feel light and cheerful. And this beach desktop provides just that. Who wouldn’t love to go sailing in this splendid view?

Paradise Beach – MORE INFO

paradise beach wallpaper

If you’re on the lookout for a wallpaper to add to your beach screensavers or this one is wonderful. The gold and purple are blissful colors. It is amazingly relaxing and enchanting.


wave beach wallpaper

We are all attracted to bodies of water and this beach wallpaper with a clear view of a wave splashing on the rocks of a beach shore is a soothing background for your computer or mobile gadget.

Outstanding Beach Scape – MORE INFO

outstanding beach scape HDR wallpaper

A humongous cloud covering a beach highlights this stunning photo. The beautiful wallpaper has a relaxing mix of blush and greens. It looks like a welcoming getaway beyond a secret garden.

Cactus Above A Beautiful Seashore – MORE INFO

cactus above a beautiful seashore beach wallpaper

This one of kind beach desktop wallpaper is exaggerated by the HDR effect making it the perfect background. Orange and green will surely liven up your disposition. It will make any dreary day brighter and more colorful.

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