Android live wallpaper have become really popular these days – reason being the explosive growth of Android mobile devices sold lately. As you would expect the Android OS have benefits over iPhone when it comes to ability to customize the interface.  However there are also some drawbacks related to the OS being more open and complex. Especially the animated backgrounds have been a big draw for users since Android introduced them and a reason why many Android users are searching for the best Android live wallpaper for their “mobile desktop”.

With the introduction of live wallpapers in Android 2.1, users can now enjoy richer, animated, interactive backgrounds on their home screen. A Android live wallpaper is very similar to a normal Android application and has access to all the facilities of the platform: SGL (2D drawing), OpenGL (3D drawing), GPS, accelerometers, network access, etc. The live wallpapers included on Samsung Galaxy S2 demonstrate the use of some of these APIs to create fun and interesting user experiences. For instance, the Grass wallpaper uses the phone’s location to compute sunrise and sunset times in order to display the appropriate sky. Its just simply awesome having these live wallpapers in every android phones.

In this article, I decided to give you our loyal readers the cream of the crop. I present to you 30 awesome collection of must have live wallpapers for you Android powered phones. Feel free to comment if I missed out some awesome live wallpapers. Or you may share your wallpapers as well. Enjoy!



1. WP Clock Light

This Android live wallpaper adds a large scale calendar and clock to your screen.

2. Musical Note

This live wallpaper displays a musical note fading in and out. This Live wallpaper uses Open GL ES.

Musical Note

3. Steampunk Skull

Steampunk Skull with animated gears, amps and touch effekts!


4. Nicky Bubbles

Give life to your phone with the Nicky Bubbles Live Wallpaper and its colorful soap bubbles.

Nicky Bubles

5. Captain America

Be the hero with the official Captain America Shield Live Wallpaper! Tap to bombard your screen with bullets and deflect with the unbreakable shield!

Captain America

6. Biomechanical Bog

Biomechanical swamp Android Live wallpaper with rats, rain, and mist.


7. Biomechanical Skull

Alien Biomechanical Skull Live Wallpaper with Retro Glowing and Scrollling F/X. Live Wallpaper with an Alien Biomechanical Skull, with retro glowing and scrolling effects! For fans of horror, sci-fi, alien technology. Also optimized for Honeycomb Tablet devices. Implemented with OpenGL for efficiency, and a CPU/Battery saving setting is provided.


8. Mystic Halo

A cool, abstract live wallpaper of rotating patterned rings. This is the free version of Mystic Halo Live Wallpaper! Paid version adds touch events, multiple fade schemes, rotation schemes and special effects!

9. NeonGears

Add a futuristic feel to your phone with neon. This live wallpaper spins at different rates and direction giving a neat effect of gears. This is the paid version and you get additional special features along with the basic features.

10. Feng Shui Yinyang

Do you want to turn your Android phone into a spinning ball of the Yin and Yang symbol? If so, try the Feng Shui Yinyang BW Live Wallpaper. Become captivated by the presence of an ancient symbol. To install this app, your phone must support the use of live wallpapers.


11. Waterize

Adds a cool water effect to your wallpaper!


12. Love Critters

Love Critters Lite Android Live Wallpaper puts adorable animals on your desktop!!

Love Critters

13. Jumpgate

Jumpgate Live Wallpaper: Soar through space with your Android friend! Soar through space with your Android friend! Stars and asteroids whip by as fast as his jetpack can carry him! Double tap to say hello, or do a barrel roll!


14. KF Hearts

A beautiful live wallpaper of colors and drifting hearts, just in time for Valentine’s Day! Not a movie, fully supports home screen switching and landscape mode!

KF hearts

15. Pixel Rain

Customizable pixel-styled rain with splash effects!

Pixel rain

16. Celtic Garden

A serene, calming garden scene with a Celtic flare is what you get with this amazing Anroid live wallpaper.

Celtic Garden

17. Sweet Tree

A live wallpaper that imaged in girl’s dream

Sweet Tree

18. Radar

Watch out for those pesky planes with this Radar Live Wallpaper.

19. Starlight

Really good looking clouds pass the sky in this dreamy and buatiful Android live wallpaper.


20. SwampWater

SwampWater is a free live wallpaper that creates a living, microscopic world right in your phone. Watch squishy critters swim around and interact with each other in random ways.

SwampWater was written for fun as my first Android project, which is why it’s free, with no dodgy permissions.


21. Rays of Light

Rays of Light Live Wallpaper gives you  quiet moving rays of light

Rays of Light

22. Light Grid

A live wallpaper which displays a grid of lights fading in and out. Customize the size, colors, and speeds! Then share your theme with the world!

Light Grid

23. Nightfall

Awesome live wallpaper showing the sky and nature scnes in siluet.


24. Blue Skies

Blue Skies Live Wallpaper: Soar through the clouds on your home screen! Soar through the clouds with this beautiful 3D live wallpaper! Not a movie! Makes full use of OpenGL, with proper support for landscape viewing and home screen switching!

Blue Skies

25. Bubbleator

Transform your home screen into a live stream of your most valuable updates! Facebook, Twitter, Weather, SMS, Sports, Events, RSS, Stocks, Deals… you view this information every day, don’t you? So, why are you still jumping into individual apps to see what’s going on in your world? Bubbleator is a FREE live wallpaper that transforms your phone’s background into a vibrant stream of updates from the information sources you care about most.

26. aniPet Aquarium

Create your own marine aquarium. Select 15 fish from 161 fish species to grow. aniPet Aquarium is a live wallpaper simulates a marine aquarium with interaction.

aniPet Aquarium

27. 3D FireFlies

Uses the movement of fireflies to create a stunning, colorful composition. 3D Fireflies Live Wallpaper that uses the movement of fireflies to create a stunning, colorful composition. More stunning than Solar Winds. More colorful than Flurry. This is a must have live wallpaper.

3d fireflies

28. Shake Them All

shake them all

29. Battery HD

Battery HD Free is a original Android Live Wallpaper that show important info of battery. Battery HD Free is the most cool , original and usefull Live Wallpaper that show important infos of your device’s battery , like percentage(More in the “PRO HD” version).

Battery HD

30. Power Cells

A colourful and hypnotic live wallpaper that indicates the battery power. When you touch a cell it will disappear and grow back. The higher your battery level the faster the cells grow back. The cells will shimmer red with low power, and green when charging.

31. City at Night Android Live Wallpaper

City at Night Live Wallpaper: Beautiful moving clouds, lights, and traffic! Moving clouds and streaks from the traffic enhance this beautiful long-exposure image of a city at night. Has full support for both portrait and landscape viewing, and responds to home screen switching! Lots of preferences for speeds, sky colors, time-of-day cycling, and more

Author : Dustin Betonio

Dustin Betonio is a Translation Management graduate at University of Mindanao. His earlier career was devoted on customer service outside the information highway. Currently studying Law in the same University.

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