Tara Hornor

Food Industry Websites That Will Make Your Mouth Water

by Tara Hornor November 10, 2012 Web Design

You may think, that marketing is easy in the food industry.  Take a brilliant photograph of your most popular or prettiest meals, plaster it on your design for postcard printing […]


Essential Social Media Marketing Tips

by Tara Hornor February 10, 2012 Online Marketing

One of the keys to building a business is through the use of advanced social media marketing tactics. Unlike traditional marketing techniques, such as postcards or print ads, social media […]


25 Brilliant Sports Advertisements

by Tara Hornor January 2, 2012 Inspiration

Sport advertisements motivate us to be active and healthy. Whether they get us up and outside to get some exercise or inspire the designer in us to take our game […]


Awesome Examples of Using the Color Red in Graphic Design

by Tara Hornor March 26, 2011 Design

Using the color red for your design can be a great move. If you choose the right shade of red in the perfect spot, it has the power to grab […]


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