Peter Olexa

Free Fonts Excellent for Web 2.0 Logos

by Peter Olexa August 12, 2010Typography

Web 2.0 represents the most advanced concept of website design with an entirely new approach to the content and form of the websites. Naturally, web 2.0 introduces some new requirements […]


25 creative bold free fonts for your projects

by Peter Olexa March 20, 2010Typography

If you guys are looking specifically for bold fonts take a look at these 25 below. They are just perfect for your creative projects. It’s a mixture of modern, futuristic […]


20 classy free sans-serif fonts

by Peter Olexa February 8, 2010Typography

If you are not familiar with the term sans-serif, let me explain it real fast. Sans-serif fonts, on the contrary to serif fonts do not have the small features at […]


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