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12 Free Online English Checkers for Writing Better

by Phong Thai January 19, 2011Tools

With a better skill of writing English, we can easily bring to audiences our ideas more effective and faster on the road of blogging. Unfortunately, a number of bloggers do […]


Top 10 Special iPhone Applications for Christmas Virtual Reality

by Phong Thai December 10, 2010iPhone

Christmas is one of the few special days in year that nearly everyone is looking forward to. It is a well known fact that many people start preparing for Christmas […]


10 Awesome Christmas Countdown Timers

by Phong Thai December 2, 2010Web Design

Christmas is already over us again and as last year I have created a list of very useful countdown timer you can use to keep track of time on you […]


Top 18 Excellent and Most Professional Online Photo Editors

by Phong Thai November 20, 2010Tools

Online Photo Editors? Are you serious? Yes! Have you ever heard about the terms Cloud Computing and SaaS – software as a Service? Both terms are among the most hyped […]


55+ Super Nice and Sexy WordPress Themes for Female Bloggers

by Phong Thai October 29, 2010Wordpress

If you haven’t seen these Sexy WordPress Themes below you missed out on something! WordPress seams to be the number one platform for bloggers and it is also gaining popularity […]


9 Funniest JavaScript Effects

by Phong Thai February 6, 2010Development

Everybody knows the Internet is the environment that we can use for a lot of things. The Internet is getting more and more important, we can use it for working, […]


Top 10 Beautiful Christmas Countdown Timers

by Phong Thai December 9, 2009Development

Christmas is getting closer really fast now. And if you can’t wait like most others and if you are looking for one beautiful timer for counting down to Christmas Day […]


Top 10 JavaScript Frameworks by Google

by Phong Thai November 11, 2009Development

JavaScript – an indispensable part for developing websites and web pages, whether that is simple pages or professional website, and whether you are senior or junior. Nowadays, JavaScript frameworks become […]


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