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August 20, 2013 · 23 comments

by Anders

under construction templates

Getting your website online even when your webpages are still being designed is a good marketing strategy. This is actually not a hurdle if you use a feature rich under construction template or a coming soon template. As the name suggests, these templates can give your visitors a good idea about what to expect and create curiousness so that they will visit again when you are ready.

To serve its purpose, an under construction template normally has an invitation for newsletter subscription, social media icons, a graph or a numerical percentage showing the part completed and the expected availability of the site. Aside from informing the launching of a website, an under construction template can also be used if your website is down for some maintenance work.

I don’t have to tell you that you need to make your coming soon webpage attractive, entertaining or funny. This way your visitors will retain their relationship with you. In the process of creating a successful website, you might also find WordPress themes and plugins designed for WordPress particularly useful.

In this article, you can find a collection of unique, creative, stylish and functional under construction templates. In making your pick, it is recommended that you visit the source of the templates so that you can examine the features and full previews. I also include some free items here, so that you can have an under construction template right away without paying a penny. We hope that this article, can help you run your website better. Hope you enjoy reading!

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links (at no extra cost to you). I recommend that you do your own independent research before purchasing any product or service. This article is not a guideline, a recommendation or endorsement of specific products.



Useful Under Construction Template Collection

Light – Coming Soon Page – DEMO

light coming soon template

This template comes with  a clean responsive design and useful features like animated countdown, feedback and subscribe forms, team page, etc. It will display beautifully in all major browsers!

Invade – Responsive Coming Soon Page – DEMO

invade coming soon page

This is a unique and fully responsive coming soon template / page. It is Retina Ready, interactive and comes with a modern design built with HTML5 and CSS3.

MetroLite – Responsive Coming Soon Template – DEMO

metroliteq under construction template

This is a template that took its inspiration from the metro style layout. You may use this theme to convey that your site will be coming up soon. MetroLite is full responsive with jQuery countdown timer. It was created on Bootstrap using CSS3, Bootstrap and HTML5.

Slendi – Responsive HTML Coming Soon Page – DEMO

slendi under construction template

This under construction and coming page is simple, responsive and minimalisti. Its design is based on the popular Twitter Bootstrap framework.

BoxSoon – Responsive Coming Soon Page – DEMO

boxon under construction template

This template is clean, simple, responsive and mobile friendly. It features a unique and original contact form and countdown timer and is based on the Bootstrap framework. You can install and customize the page easily using its 12 different color themes.

Appena – Coming Soon Template – DEMO

appena under construction template

This coming soon page is minimalistic in design but stylish. Its features include a multipage content and full screen slide show.

Touchdown || Responsive Coming Soon Page – DEMO

touchdown under construction template

This is a jQuery animation effects that is featured in one responsive coming soon page.

Visual – Responsive Coming Soon Page – DEMO

visual under construction template

This one page responsive coming soon page has great design and features. It includes AJAX powered forms with animations, countdown timer and a variety of customization options. There are also 2 background color options and 6 color schemes.

Under Construction Machine Animated HTML5 Template – DEMO

undersconstruction template

This is a Flash animation that is converted into HTML5 using CreateJS. The logo can be clicked with a custom URL.

Koplax – Responsive Coming Soon Page – DEMO

koplak under construction template

This responsive coming soon page features a modern and clean design. Incorporated with AJAX function, Koplax is based on the Bootstrap framework, providing it with powerful features.

Flatr – Metro Parallax Multipurpose Coming Soon – DEMO


Out of line and different might be the best description for Flatr. It is easy to use, responsive and entirely configurable. The page supports a number of great features, including HTML5 video background.

Clean Soon Responsive Retina Ready Coming Soon – DEMO


This template will make it easy to show your clients that your website is under construction. It is clean, easy to use and provided with a modern and awesome design.

Animated Metro Coming Soon – DEMO

animated under construction template

This under construction and coming soon page is responsive and design with some elements from Foundation Grid.

Coming Soon Responsive – Construction Area – DEMO

construction-area under construction template

This responsive template has unobtrusive animation and nice color combination. They are all combined with the intention of attracting user and customer attention.

Lalawora – Responsive Coming Soon Page – DEMO

lala under construction template

Responsive and with a minimalist clean design, Lalawora is based on the Bootstrap framework that provides it with powerful features.

Eleganttwo – Animation responsive coming soon page – DEMO


This under construction responsive page has automatic language selection that is dependent on the browser on the locality. It supports 9 languages and can be configured to a unique color scheme of 256 colors and 6 shades background.

Clear Start: Modern Launching Soon Page – DEMO

clear under construction template

This up-to-date launching soon page is incorporated with a subscription form, countdown timer and other useful features. You can configure it easily and it is easy to use as well.

Choco – Responsive Coming Soon – DEMO

choco under construction template

This is a special HTML under construction theme that is designed for your needs. Its page structure is simple with user friendly API’s. The fonts and colors can be changed easily as well.

Ion – Theatrical Coming Soon Template – DEMO

ion under construction template

This responsive coming soon page puts cutting edge HTML5/CSS3 technology at your fingertips. It will allow you to create coming soon hype or great theatrical promos for your project releases or website.

Nebulus: Minimal Responsive HTML5 Coming Soon Page – DEMO

nebulus under construction template

This is a clean, responsive and cross browser compatible HTML5/CSS3 that is easy to modify and use. It is designed to be smooth while providing all the information that users need.

Rotato – Responsive Under Construction – DEMO

rotato under construction template

This HTML under construction page is new and specially created for your needs. It is incorporated with user friendly Google maps API and simple page structure.

Panic Station > Responsive Coming Soon Page – DEMO

pnic under construction template

This coming soon page template is simple, clean and with a responsive layout. It is designed with 3 mini page templates and strong customization features.

Essence – Bootstrap Coming Soon Template – DEMO

essence under construction template

This under construction/ coming soon template is based on HTML5/CSS3. It is optimized for mobiles and compatible with all types of major browsers. The template includes a Twitter feed plugin, Newsletter form, Countdown and other useful features.

Hello Responsive Coming Soon Template – DEMO

hello_thumb1 under construction template

This super clean and modern minimalist template has a responsive design and based on Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.1. coded in HTML5/CSS3, Hello will allow you to select a template from three different layouts. You can also change the header background into your own custom image to change the feel and look of the theme.

BIG Countdown – Fullscreen Coming Soon Page – DEMO

big_thumb1 under construction temaplte

This is a full screen unique under construction/coming soon page supports video background, fancy parallax effect, static background and full screen slider.

Skyline – Coming Soon Page – DEMO

skyline_thumb1 under construction template

This is a HTML responsive theme that features a countdown. It also has clean animation, parallax effect, feedback form, subscribe form, full screen slider and others.

CityLife – Responsive Under Construction Template – DEMO

city_thumb1 under construction template

If you want something unique and different, you can take a closer look at this template. It is user friendly and fully configurable to your particular requirements. It also has HTML5 video background support as well as other useful features.

Greened – Bootstrap Coming Soon Page – DEMO


This under construction page is responsive in design and ideal for individuals, professionals and companies.

Anticipate WordPress Theme – coming soon” page – DEMO

anticipate coming soon template

Anticipate will allow you to provide your users with alternate coming soon page as you build your site in the background. Once it is activated, visitors will be directed to Anticipate landing page. If you are logged as WordPress Admin though, the normal theme will appear to allow you to build your site seamlessly in the background.

Quartz – Coming Soon Html5 Template – DEMO

quartz under construction template

This professional HTML under construction template is created to help in building your own cool coming soon page. It comes with countdown timer, Twitter tweets, email notifier, full screen background , hidden drop down modal box and CSS3/jQuery animations.

BIG Countdown – Fullscreen Coming Soon Page – DEMO

big under construction template

This full screen under construction page supports a video background, full screen slider, parallax effect or static background. A light and dark skin comes with each.

Round – Responsive, Full screen, Under Construction – DEMO

round under construction template

This is a responsive, clean and full screen coming soon/countdown/ under construction single page template. It features working contact form, portfolio slider and subscribe form. The color themes that you can select from are blue, orange, green, black, rosy, light and red. It also comes with a help file that is well documented.

Ivana Under Construction Template – DEMO

ivana under construction template

This under construction template includes a dark and light skin. Coded in HTML5/CSS3, ti comes with 4 color schemes, Twitter widget, full screen slider, Colorbox window, portfolio and AJAX contact form.

Launch Pad – DEMO

Launch Pad under construction template

This template features Fancybox gallery, full screen background, animated progress bark, launch date and countdown timer. It also has a dark or light ski option and Multilanguage UTF 8 support.

Atheron – Under Construction Template + WP Theme – DEMO

Atheron - Under Construction Template + WP Theme

This under construction template features an animated progress bar and full screen background with image rotator. There are two versions available which are WordPress and HTML. The template displays remaining days and includes AJAX contact form, custom fonts, Twitter tweets and more.

Minimal Coming Soon – DEMO

Minimal Coming Soon template

This is a template that features an optional content, progress bar, Twitter stream, AJAX subscribe form and 5 color schemes.

Display – The Final Countdown – DEMO

Display - The Final Countdown

This template features 12 kinds of numbers, 6 background options and a couple of display colors. You can also use unlimited colors and numbers for its background.

MeegoApp. – XHTML Under Construction with Bonus WP – DEMO

MeegoApp. - XHTML Under Construction template

This under construction template features a countdown script, newsletter subscription, 5 color schemes, social icons twitter script and more.

Under construction page – Coming Soon template – DEMO

Under construction template - Coming Soon

This is an under construction template that features a subscribe form with PHP and validation. It also has a valid XHTML/CSS3, the newest Twitter message integration and animated progress bar that has percentage calculation.

Launch – Coming Soon/Under Construction – DEMO

Launch - Coming Soon/Under Construction

This is cool coming soon/under construction template features a working AJAX contact form, 3 different color schemes, cross browser integration, Twitter Feed integration and countdown timer.

Influction – Under Construction – DEMO


Influction has a countdown timer that you can modify easily. It features a working AJAX contact form, Twitter Feed integration, social media icons and image showcase. The PSD includes layered images for both MacBook Pro and iMac.

Author : Anders

Anders is Co-founder of Tripwire Magazine. He is into WordPress topics, Web design, Web-development and also interested in SEO and Online Marketing. He has started Splashmagazine.com and he’s also writing for other blogs. Anders is a passionate blues musician and a family-man, as well.

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Jacky August 15, 2013 at 10:54 am

Great list! Thanks for sharing. This one caught my attention this morning: http://themeforest.net/item/rocketscience-illustrated-coming-soon-template/5382083


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Wow. those are pretty cool.. Though i used http://www.launchitnow.co.. its just helped me launched within minutes and have all the above set of features for FREE :)


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many thanks for the amazing template!


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I love looking at these templates.

We’ve got our own showcase of great pages here:


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Josh Ledgard
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found this mobile ready Wordpress Under construction themes. hope it will be useful to visitors of this page check the url http://wordpressm.com/wordpress-under-construction-themes/


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Thank your for your review! I love that template a lot :)


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Just the inspiration I needed. I like the text and design of the Origami page best


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Amazing collection.!


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Solid creative ways to have one’s holding page!


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thank you so much! nice templates under construction page!


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I like the Speedo Under Construction…looks like a professional one..


Salem Kosmani January 23, 2013 at 8:39 pm

You might wanna check this out…its really cool


torrent November 16, 2012 at 3:04 pm

Great collection. Thanks for sharing :)


yates en Ibiza August 3, 2012 at 11:17 am

I was looking at quite a few but this is the most comprehensive. I can’t find any HTML placeholders though.


Sam June 17, 2012 at 7:49 am

Good templates i found mobile and web underconstrution template which is helpful to mobile and website


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Great templates, nice work


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Very cool templates, thanks for sharing


Asif February 14, 2012 at 1:10 pm

Nice collect. I have created some freebies for under construction and coming soon that i would love to share with you all. Please take a look at following:


I hope you would love these freebies. Thanks


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great collection. I was looking at quite a few but this is the most comprehensive. I can’t find any HTML placeholders though.


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Nice collection here, check out this newsletter 4 Page Newsletter


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Solid creative ways to have one’s holding page!


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