One of the most important aspects of running a website or a blog is to make sure visitors come back. There multiple options to achieve this, however, it is common to use email subscriptions and social media following to build a connection. Visitors focus on the content, finding the solutions and information they need and it can be a challenge to direct their focus to e.g. signing up for a newsletter, without using invasive techniques.

One of the recently popular methods is to add promotional content and subscription offers that is only made visible to the visitors once they scroll down the on the page. This approach makes sure the that visitor get an idea of what your site stands for before the call to action try capture their attention.

If you are using WordPress there are as always many ways to implement a solution like this. In this review, I am taking a closer look at Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box. This is a cool scroll triggered pop up display Plugin for WordPress and it is free.

Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box is a plugin designed to add a “call to action” box that pops up after a certain percentage of the page has been scrolled. It can be further customized to have Newsletter Signups, Facebook page like and social bookmarking buttons etc. Using the admin page, you can easily customize the percentage of scroll action such as having the box appear near the end of a post or approximately 80% of the page. Adding content to the box like email capture fields is also quickly done and flexible using HTML content. Now let us take a look at more details about this plugin.



Dreamgrow plugin can be accessed through your Dashboard’s settings.


Settings > Scroll Triggered Box

The plugin also has its own Settings area were you can customize box content including text, color,  and position. You could also adjust box size and visibility settings.


Settings Page


More Settings

The box appears on the position you have set in the Setttings. This is an example of a Scroll Triggered Box with a Newsletter call to action, email field, and Social Media buttons. This was set at 80% scroll percentage and set to appear from the right side panel of the page.


Sample Scroll Triggered Box

Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box plugin is an effective call to action plugin to improve conversions rates on your blog posts and pages. It is intelligent scroll percentage settings lets your box appear after a certain amount of scrolling action. This makes sure that your visitors have read some of your content before they get a pop up that may irritate them. For more details about this plugin, you can check it out here.

Author : Anders

Anders is Co-founder of Tripwire Magazine. He is into WordPress topics, Web design, Web-development and also interested in SEO and Online Marketing. He has started and he’s also writing for other blogs. Anders is a passionate blues musician and a family-man, as well.

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