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Wednesday July 31, 2013 Facebook announced the roll out of Embedded Posts.

Embedded Posts is a neat feature which allows you to take public posts  from Facebook such as pictures, videos and hashtags and add it to your own blog or website.

When adding public Facebook content to your website or blog, it becomes possible for your fans and followers to like and share the content directly from the embed on your website.

Though Facebook has already proven to be a preferred media for sharing on the Internet, this new feature could help bind websites even closer together with Facebook. I guess that especially news medias will take advantages of this opportunity. However, the possibilities are many as this feature opens up to a new level of interaction between Facebook and other non social network platforms.


On Facebook Developer Blog you can find a complete instruction including the code you need to paste on your own website in order to embed posts.


Please join the conversation! Are you planning on embedding Facebook posts on your website or is it not a relevant feature for you?

Author : Anne-Sofie

Anne-Sofie is a social media manager at Invendio. She is passionate about social media and is always seeking new information and keeping up with the online trends.



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