If you are a busy photographer, you may not have enough time to find and read the best photography blogs on the internet on a daily basis. With an increasing number of interesting  blogs coming out each year, it can be a challenge to keep track of the most useful content on the Internet. Therefore, you may risk missing out on valuable tutorials, reviews and advice for photographers.

To help you get started and build your own collection of top blogs for photographers I have prepared this article for you. While doing research for the article, I came across a large number of blogs that can help you grow your photography business. Admittedly, it was hard to narrow down the options to just 25+ photography blogs. However, I have done so meticulously to bring you only the best. By the way, I use Feedly to organize and read the blogs I want to follow daily.

Please tell me what you think of my effort by adding your comments below. Do you know of some must-read photography blogs that you think should be added to my list? If you have colleagues that may benefit from reading photography blogs, you are welcome to share this post with them. If you consider creating a photography blog yourself, I also encourage you to look at our post about photography website templates here. Enjoy!



Strobist – MORE INFO


Unlike other common photography blogs that try to cover as much ground as possible, Strobist is focused only on photographic lighting. The tips that you can get from this blog can help anybody that has an entry level DSLR camera and the cheapest off cam flash.

DIY Photography – MORE INFO


This amazing blog will give you access to a lot of advice, tutorials, and tips on a wide variety of photography topics.

Photocrati – MORE INFO


This website is dedicated web design for photographers and the have a large collection of WordPress themes for photography websites. Their blog is also interesting and you should bookmark this website if you are planning on taking your business online.

Digital Photography School – MORE INFO


This blog is focused on postproduction, gear reviews and basic shooting techniques. It also has a powerful forum community that can help if you are just starting out on photography.

photographyconcentrate – MORE INFO


This website is a combination of free content and premium tutorials. You will find a lot of useful stuff for free here, so it is worth checking out.

ThelawTog – MORE INFO


This website is a legal advise blog for photographers where you will be able to find good resources regarding the legal side of your business.

BeginnersPhotographyBlog.com – MORE INFO


This blog has an honest and simple approach to photography. You can read this blog to improve your skills no matter what experience level you are in.

Boudieshorts – MORE INFO


This blog is a great resource for any boudoir photographer. It has a lot of good articles, tips and business advice’s for photographers.

BeyondMegaPixels – MORE INFO


This blog is quite new, but it has good photography resources and it is easy to understand. Therefore, it is a perfect place for beginners.

Photodoto – MORE INFO


This blog provides articles and tips that also has some valuable lens reviews to read on.

PhotoFocus – MORE INFO


This useful website has been around since 2008 and it has a look of interesting content for photographers. You will find a lot of How-To’s and tutorials.

PhotoMint – MORE INFO


The advice that you can get from this blog may prove valuable in your photography career. It also offers an eBook, which will tell you all the secrets on how the author got 70 percent of their inquiries every year.

PhotoSeeds – MORE INFO


This is a interesting website that will be useful for any photographer looking for advise and training, but also for getting in touch with other photographers.

MoosePeterson.com – MORE INFO


Moose Peterson is considered as one of the best wildlife photographers in the world. With his blog, you will be introduced to hands on tutorials, workshops and his own image gallery that can really amaze you.

TiffinBox – MORE INFO


This is a interesting blog for photographers with lots of useful resources and the courage to shake things up.

Tips From The Top Floor – MORE INFO


This one is not a straight blog but a podcast created by Chris Marquardt, who is a professional photographer based in Germany. By watching or listening to his podcasts, you can learn how Chris gathered thousands of audience.

JoeMcNally.com – MORE INFO


This site is comparatively new but is already one of the most popular photography blogs out there. The author has been given a Top Blog Award recently by Life Magazine.

Fotoseeds – MORE INFO


Fotoseeds has plenty of general information on photography as well as some business advice.

Inspire Me Baby – MORE INFO


In this blog, you will find an assortment of portrait shots. Each image has some shooting tips that re related to the photograph shown. If you are a portrait photographer, this blog is a great resource.

LearnFoodPhotography.com – MORE INFO


This is a genre that is fast becoming popular, especially in web presence and online marketing campaigns. The blog has all the things you would want to know about lighting, staging techniques, food photography, industry trends and job opportunities.

Psychology for Photographers – MORE INFO


This blog provides useful advice and give the psychology behind them. It also offers an eBook that can help turn your site into client magnet. Psychology for Photographers takes the #1 spot for the second year in a row! Her posts

Photography Parlour – MORE INFO


A blog that is full of photographer interviews. Photography Parlour is more like an interest kind of website than one that will help in growing your business.

Zack Arias – MORE INFO


If you want to really learn about off camera lighting, this blog is the one you should read. It also offers the OneLIght DVD, which could be the finest introduction to the use of flash. It is also an excellent resource for learning lighting techniques.

Elizabeth Halfold – MORE INFO


This blog is authored by a portrait photographer and it provides great photographer tips. It is a great resource for learning technical concepts such as bit depth and focal length.

Brand Camp Blog – MORE INFO


This blog provides a more holistic approach to the business. The blog is great for its writing and branding and it teaches how to combine everything to create a thriving photography business.

Photojojo.com – MORE INFO


This blog is focused on photography beginners. It has a casual ambiance and it keep things real simple yet fun.

Photography Spark – MORE INFO


This blog is relatively young but already promising. It provides extensive and significant posts that give practical tutorials and tips so it can really be a great resource.

Author : Alexander Naz

Alex Naz is a professional writer with a proven track record. He is a creative blogger who is passionate about web design, SEO and web development. He is also a family man and has a passion for the outdoors.

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