For quite some time I thought that designing a Facebook contest or promotion app was impossible unless you were extremely slick at coding or had the money to buy a professional from a consulting firm.

The other day I wrote a post on how to create a Facebook contest according to the rules in which I stated that the only way was to use a third part app. This made me curious on rather it was possible for someone with NO coding skills like myself to create an app. So I sad down and began to “geek out” and 20 minutes later I had created an app!!! Imagine my surprise – I never thought it could be this easy so I decided to do it all again, but this time document the process step-by-step and share it with you afterwards.

For this tutorial I have created an Instagram Tab for a Facebook Page using ShortStack. This allows you to host Instagram contests and share them on you Facebook Page. This is normally is a no-go according to Facebook contest rules, but it will work fine for showing you the principles.

I hope you will find this tutorial easy to follow and that it will help you create your first contest app, as well. Please leave me a comment telling me if you are using these apps already and if so which one? Enjoy!



1. Sign up


If you do not already have a log in you can sign up for free

2. Create Tab


There are a bunch of templates to choose from. Some are free while others you need to pay for

3. Choose template


On the left side of the menu you have a large number of templates to choose from. Take your time finding the right template for you. When you have decided on a template click the “make tab” button

4. Authorize an Instagram account


As I have chosen to create an Instagram Tab for this example I need to link the Tab to the right Instagram account

5. Edit Widget


Begin the authorization

6. Finalize the authorization


If for some reason this is not the right account you should not authorize this

7. Set up


Once you have linked the right Instagram account to the Tab you are able to choose a # you want to be included in the Tab. This could be #summer and all images with #summer will appear in the tab. Futher more you can customize the layout etc in the fold out menus below. Remember to save your changes

8. Preview


After saving your changes you will be able to see your images or the # you choose in the right set up

9. Install Tab


Now it is time to install the Tab

10. Login with Facebook


In order to make your Tab appear on your Facebook Page you need to login with your Facebook

11. Publish your Tab


You can either choose the quick publish or the custom publish. For this examples I have chosen the quick versio, but there are no issues if you want to use the custom publish

12. Choose Facebook Page


Now it is time to publish the Tab on you Facebook Page – do keep in mind that some of the Tabs only are available for Facebook Pages with less than 2000 Fans, if you have more Fans you need to pay a small amount in order to install it

13. Tab installed in Facebook


As you can see the Tab is now installed. However, it still needs a bit of customization before it looks nice

14. Edit Tab


Enter the “edit page” and choose ” edit settings”

15. Edit Apps


Enter the Apps in order to change image and title of your new app

16. Edit Settings


Enter the “edit settings” on your new app

17. Upload Image and change app name


Now you are able to both change the name on the Tab as well as the image.

When uploading the image you want to use on your Facebook Tab you should be aware that it can not be any bigger than 111 x 74 pixel and not exceed 5 MB in size.

18. Final result


When you are done altering the image and name the front page of your Facebook Page will look like this.

Author : Anne-Sofie

Anne-Sofie is a social media manager at Invendio. She is passionate about social media and is always seeking new information and keeping up with the online trends.

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