A mysterious dinosaur has been released online and believe it or not! It is dressed up for the red carpet.

This creature from another age is fast and shy, and it was pure luck that we managed to get a snapshot of the animal. You will get a chance to see it underneath.

If you want to find the animal yourself, you have to use the Konami Code. Though the Konami Code dates back to 1986 it has not been forgotten or gone out of style at all. In fact, thanks to social networks like Twitter, the code seems to get a revival this summer. This is 27 years after it first appeared as a cheat code in the Nintendo game Gradius.

If you search for the hashtag #konamicode on Twitter you will immediately find hundreds of Tweets on the subject, and most of them have been shared within the last couple of weeks.


The fascination of the code and the hidden surprises it contains seem to amaze and amuse around the world. Some of the websites that are extremely popular to visit these days are the British Vogue, Wired, Easy Living and GQ.

If you cannot remember the code by heart anymore here goes. Use the keyboard keys like this: up up, down down, left, right, left, right, b, a.

Please feel free to share this post with your friends and also if you know of any other websites where this code works, please share it with us in a comment. Enjoy!

And yes I promised a snapshot:


Author : Anne-Sofie

Anne-Sofie is a social media manager at Invendio. She is passionate about social media and is always seeking new information and keeping up with the online trends.



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