30+ Brilliant Admin Panel Template Designs Based On Twitter Bootstrap

August 7, 2013 · 9 comments

by Anders

In this article you will find an up-to-date collection of powerful admin panel template designs based on Twitter Bootstrap. So, if you are searching for a professional admin panel template for your next project, this is a good place to be looking.

Bootstrap has become a quite popular collection of free HTML and CSS-based web development tools. It is responsive framework based on design templates for typography, forms, buttons, charts, navigation and more.

The fully customizable admin templates available today has also become notably popular. You can look at it like this. The front-end design is the key element to get your clients happy and impressed, but to complete the project you might also need a professional looking admin panel interface.

Building an admin interface from scratch can be complicated and arduous work, plus you need to have a strong design stitched to it. A customized admin interface will take valuable time to develop, and it will in some cases cut down on your earnings. Instead, you can choose to use a pre designed admin panel template to do the job for you.

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Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links (at no extra cost to you). I recommend that you do your own independent research before purchasing any product or service. This article is not a guideline, a recommendation or endorsement of specific products.

Admin Panel Template Collection

The customizable admin panel templates showcased in this article will in many cases be an excellent starting point into a new project, and as you will see, there’s quite a large selection to choose from. An admin panel template is especially useful for web applications like e-commerce projects or content management systems, and these selected templates are full of features. You may also find them useful when designing your own web application. Enjoy!

Admin Lab – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template – MORE INFO


Admin Lab is a reliable companion if you are going to build an impressive website admin area. It is a responsive admin panel template based on the popular Twitter Bootstrap Framework. It has a huge collection of page templates, UI components, color schemes and it is integrated with more than 45 jQuery plugins.

Auto Admin – Premium Responsive Admin Template – MORE INFO


This is a stylish admin template built with Twitter Bootstrap framework. The admin template is responsive and it will look great on any device such as tablets and mobile phones. AutoAdmin comes packed with features such as 4 different analytics plugins, user management, task management, gallery, notifications and much more.

Leo – Premium Admin Template – MORE INFO


This clean and powerful admin template is based on Bootstrap from Twitter and powered by jQuery. It is fully responsive. Leo template support all new browsers, it’s compatible with desktop and mobile devices like iPad or iPhone. Also, Leo is Retina ready template.

first – Mobile First Web App Theme – MORE INFO


This is a interesting mobile first web app / admin dashboard theme. It has a flat UI based on Twitter Bootstrap, it’s lightweight, but it has a lot of components to suit your needs. first is also fully responsive, the widgets and components are mobile first.

Social – Premium Responsive Admin Template – MORE INFO


This admin template is fully responsive and it has a nice Facebook “look and feel”. It is compatible with Twitter Bootstrap v2.3 and latest jQuery versions. It comes with easy to use components and a huge collection of plugins to customize the dashboard (dropdown menus, forms, buttons, tables, modal boxes, advanced charts and more).

FLAT KIT – Premium Web App Template – MORE INFO


This template is a modern, responsive admin template with a beautiful flat design. It is built for starting your: Custom APPS / Website / CMS / CRM / SAAS / Mobile APPS on the fly with hundreds of components.

Shamcey Metro Style Admin Template – MORE INFO


Another admin template in metro style, Shamcey uses Bootstrap as well as jQuery plugins. It also has a user friendly UI and layout that is entirely responsive.

Start – Metro UI Responsive Admin Template – MORE INFO


A fresh admin template that is responsive and based on the latest Windows 8 UI. Metro UI took its root from the classic Swiss graphic design, which is bold and minimal with flat colors and high contrast.

FLAT – Responsive Admin Template – MORE INFO


Powered by Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.0 and responsive in design, Flat has a clean design and interface. It is very fast and provides an easy to use design that contributes to an excellent user experience.

Metronic – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template – MORE INFO


This is an admin dashboard template that is powered by Twitter Boostrap and responsive in design. Its intuitive and clean design is in metro style, making your next projects user friendly yet awesome.

Conquer – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template – MORE INFO


This templage is created especially for backend and admin applications, which include admin dashboard, custom admin application, CRM and CMS. It is powered by the Bootstrap framework and incorporated with a variety of jQuery plugins and reusable UI components.

Pannonia – fully responsive admin template – MORE INFO


Pannonia is based on the Twitter Bootstrap and comes with a content structure that is very flexible. This is actually a fresh premium admin skin.

AdminKIT – Premium Admin Template – MORE INFO


Fully responsive and coded in HTML5/CSS3, this admin template is ideal for those who want to start a customized backend system with smart and modern interface.

Katniss Premium Admin Template – MORE INFO


Katniess is an animated and unique admin template in CSS3. It has a lot of plugins, custom elements and features that can be utilized for your own backend projects.

Beoro Admin Responsive Template – MORE INFO


This backend template is in HTML5 and CSS3. It is based on the Twitter framework and can be customized easily. Beoro is compatible with all browsers and perfect for tablets, mobile devices and desktops.

Amsterdam – Premium Responsive Admin Template – MORE INFO


An admin template that is based on the Twitter Bootstrap, Amsterdam is responsive in design and ideal for CMS systems as well as other billing, hosting and control panels.

The Realm – Clean & Modern Admin Template – MORE INFO


The Realm is created with Bootstrap framework and in modern flat design. It can adapt seamlessly with all devices.

Admindo – Responsive Admin Template – MORE INFO


Admindo responsive admin template was created with Twitter Bootstrap. It can be used for CMS, web apps as well as other admin applications. You can easily customize the template, which is cross browser compatible.

Virgo – Premium Admin Template – MORE INFO


A soft and responsive admin template, Virgo is cleanly coded in HTML and based on Bootstrap and jQuery. Everything that you need for a backend app or other projects is included.

Aries – Metro Style Admin Template – MORE INFO


This metro admin template is responsive and created with Windows 8 standards. The light, fast and clean dashboard template can be useful in creating your own metro application.

ease – Responsive Admin Template – MORE INFO


If you are looking for a dashboard admin that has a responsive design, Ease might be ideal for you. It was created with the Twitter framework and can be used for your backend applications. This template comes with support for all modern devices.

Maruti Admin – MORE INFO


Maruti has a minimalistic and clean design. Incorporated with a responsive layout, it comes with plenty of useful options.

Supr – Responsive Admin Template – MORE INFO

supr admin panel templates

This is a full admin skin that is created with Twitter Boostrap. It was designed to help create site admin without taking too much time. All the vital functions that you might need for a backend system is already contained in the template.

Aquincum – Premium Responsive Admin Template – MORE INFO

aquincum admin panel templates

A premium admin skin with plenty of custom elements, Aquincum also has 35 plugins. Its content structure is flexible with 3 level navigation, 3 columns, liquid structure and 2 level sidebar.

Gebo Admin Responsive Template – MORE INFO

gebo[3] admin panel templates

This 2 column and full featured template has a responsive design and based on the Bootstrap Framework. It is a top seller that is incorporated with plenty of plugins, searchable and filterable list, multiselect, calendar, charts, location finder, gallery grid, file manager, sticky messages, WYSIWYG editor, data tables and other useful features.

Dandelion Admin – Responsive Admin Template – MORE INFO

dandelion admin panel templates

If you want to concentrate on clear and simple design while providing the most popular web app elements, this is a nice template to try.

MWS Admin – Full Featured Admin Template – MORE INFO

mws[3] admin panel templates

MWS Admin has been conceived to be responsive. All template elements can reposition or resize to look perfect on any screen size. The aim of the template is to have lots of features while keeping all things straightforward and simple.

Falgun – Metro Style Bootstrap Admin Dashboard – MORE INFO


This is a 100% Rsponsive Template built on Twitter Bootstrap. It has a lot of useful features and customization options.

AIR – Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template – MORE INFO


This cool admin template comes packed with nice features, beautiful UI elements and login area.

AdminPlus – Premium Bootstrap Admin Template – MORE INFO


METRO – Premium Admin Template – MORE INFO


Did you find a useful admin panel template? Please leave a comment!

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