Lately there have been some major changes on Facebook – first it was the introduction on hashtags (#) and now Facebook is rolling out photo comments. So far it only works on profiles and not on fan pages however, it will soon be an option on Page posts, as well.



With this new feature you are able to share images and not just written comments to any post you wish to engage with. The first hours after the roll out led to several fun photo comments online as users discovered this new feature. As you can see from the images below some people used photos to express themselves instead of using words. The post introduced the roll out of photo comments and this was how the friend responded to that news.


So far this feature seems to be lots of fun as it merges the universe of Instagram into Facebook smoothly. It will be interesting to see what the next step will be in the Facebook transformation.

What do you feel about Facebook allowing photo comments?

Author : Anne-Sofie
Anne-Sofie is a social media manager at Invendio. She is passionate about social media and is always seeking new information and keeping up with the online trends.

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