With one of the jQuery timeline plugins listed here, you can add cool and interactive timelines to your web pages. The timeline format is not new, but really, it got popular when Facebook decided to add it to their wall design. It is a great way to show events in time – this can be anything from social media updates to historical events. We also see the timeline design used in creative portfolios. It is a great way for agencies to present their history; their development in number of employees, key client wins etc.

Check out these jQuery plugins I found for adding timelines to your website, and let me know in a comment if I missed a great script! Also, please share this article with your friends and coworkers.

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Timeline with Configurator – MORE INFO / DEMO

Timeline with Configurator

Timeline is a jQuery timeline plugin that helps you to show your lifetime, job experience or any other activity graphically in a really modern interactive way. The plugin comes with a configurator that help you to easily add, change and customize the timeline without any programming skills.

MelonHTML5 – Timeline  – MORE INFO / DEMO

melonhtml5 timeline jQuery plugin

The Timeline jQuery plugin eaily allows you to setup a facebook like timeline on your website to show off content. The timeline script comes with 4 different timeline element types (blog post, mini gallery, slider and embedded iframe), each element type has its own unique feature and plenty of customizalbe options, which should suit all your needs. Timeline also comes with 3 pre-designed themes, and you can also create your own theme in a second.

jQuery Tweet Feed Plugin – MORE INFO / DEMO

jQuery Tweet Feed Plugin

This is a clean and minimal timeline jQuery plugin allows you to easily display a live twitter timeline on your website! You can easily just copy and paste the one liner code, or get into some more of the detailed configuration.

jQuery Social Timeline – MORE INFO / DEMO

jQuery Social Timeline

The DP Social Timeline plugin has been build to make it simple for you to retrieve status/posts/videos/images from different social networks and add it all into a timeline format on your website. It is to some extent the same concept as the Facebook timeline.

jQuery TimelineXML – MORE INFO / DEMO

jQuery TimelineXML

TimelineXML takes time-stamped pieces of content and puts them on a timeline as dots. On hover or click the visitor will see the content you added to the clicked event.

jQuery Timeline Slider – MORE INFO / DEMO

jQuery Timeline Slider

Timeline Slider is a jQuery timeline plugin you can use to build your own history timelines on your web pages. This timeline plugin includes a dark and a light skin and this makes it fit into most web projects. Since this plugin rely on the jQuery library you will find it to be cross-platform.

Timeliner – MORE INFO / DEMO


TimeLiner is a cool jQuery timeline plugin you can use to create slideshow like presentations an animating timeline showing progress. It is possible to more or less any HTML based content to the slides, and the process can be skipped and paused.

Lateral On-Scroll Sliding with jQuery – MORE INFO / DEMO

Lateral On-Scroll Sliding with jQuery

This is a tutorial showing you how to create a really awesome parallax style timeline. You will have circular elements on one side and the descriptions on the other flying in form the sides as users scroll down.
The code is available for download.

jQuery Responsive Timeline – MORE INFO / DEMO

jQuery Responsive Timeline

With the jQuery Post Timeline plugin you can show a list of post in a cool timeline. The layout (vertical) is very similar to the one we know from Facebook and good news for mobile users… is fully responsive, so it will adapt to mobile devices and tablets!

Timeliner.js – MORE INFO / DEMO


With this plugin you can create an interactive historical timeline using just HTML, CSS, and jQuery.

Timeline with Configurator – MORE INFO / DEMO

Timeline with Configurator

Timeline is a jQuery plugin for adding cool a looking timeline on a web page. This could be for showing job experience, vacation events or any other activity on a visual way . You can use the built in configurator and it makes it easy to add, change and customize the timeline.

Timeline Portfolio with jQuery and CSS3 – MORE INFO / DEMO

Timeline Portfolio with jQuery and CSS3

The Timeline Portfolio jQuery plugin have been designed for showing chronological series of events. It is possible to embed different types of media including tweets, videos and maps, and associate them with a date. This plugin may be a cool way for e.g. show client work on a timeline as part of an online portfolio.



The TimelineJS scrips can be used for pulling in media from different sources and adding them to an interactive timeline. You simply add links to Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Google Maps or SoundCloud and TimelineJS will embed and format posts to fit the timeline.

Timeline calendar – MORE INFO / DEMO

Timeline calendar

Timeline calendar really is simple jQuery calendar designed as a timeline. It is a horizontal representation of the days in a month and it can be used to display events with descriptions in a visual and interactive way.

Chronoline.js – MORE INFO / DEMO


Chronoline.js is a jQeury plugin you can use to create timeline from events that are then added to a horizontal timescale. The plugin generate a graphical representation of schedules, historical events, deadlines, and more from a list of dates and events.

Content Timeline – MORE INFO / DEMO

Content Timeline

Content timeline is powerful and lightweight responsive jQuery/HTML5/CSS3 plugin, best for displaying any organized content. It is fully customizable, and easily implementable with any js script, video, flash etc. Well structured code, and wide ranged API functions make it simple to get started and flexible for customization.

jQuery Timelinr – MORE INFO / DEMO

jQuery Timelinr

This simple plugin helps you to give more life to the boring timelines. Supports horizontal and vertical layouts, and you can specify parameters for most attributes: speed, transparency, etc.

Easy WordPress Timelines – MORE INFO / DEMO

Easy WordPress Timelines

The Easy WordPress Timelines plugin is really for WordPress and therefore more than a simple jQuery plugin. It makes it simple for WordPress users to create nice timelines and sliders from posts categories. The plugin includes a settings page that helps you define default parameters. Timelines are easy to add to posts and pages as you simply insert a shortcode with your custom parameters and boom!

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