Though Facebook and Twitter seem to get the entire buzz these days there are other social networks that are worth looking into if you want to boost your business’ social reach. Pinterest has been one of the hottest trends this passing year – and this is not without reason. Since Pinterest launched as a closed beta in March 2010 it has grown into being the fourth largest traffic source in the world driving more referral traffic than YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ combined!

This pinboard style photo sharing website seem to have found a niche where “stay at home moms”, interior designers, teenagers and creative business’ all contribute to uploading an enormous amount of high quality images every day. Because it is a place to share images of your desires, wishes, hobbies and funny things you come across, Pinterest has turned into a great place for finding whatever you are searching for – and want to purchase. In most cases, a simple click on the image even brings you to the web shop where you can buy the items. While users like Pinterest businesses love it as it drives more traffic to their sites!

As many business’ already have put all their efforts into Facebook it would make sense to merge these two media together on the Facebook platform, making it visible for your Facebook Fans that your also are present on other social networks.

I have put together this easy to follow guide on how to create a Pinterest Tab on your Facebook Fan Page, making it possible for your fans to follow you on other medias as well.


Click this link to start installing the Pinterest Page App

1. Click the “Install Application” button


2. Choose the Facebook Page you want to add the Tab to in the drop down menu


3. Link to the right Pinterest account


Once you have installed the Pinterest Tab you need to link it to the right Pinterest account. By entering the “Administrator Panel” you are able to type in the name of the Pinterest account and even choose which Pins you want to display in here.

And then you are done setting up you Facebook Pinterest Tab!


This is how it looks on you Facebook Page. If you click the new Pinterest Tab you will be able to see a direct reflection of you Pinterest profile – like this


I hope this mini tutorial helps you getting more out of your social media marketing efforts. For more easy to follow tutorials like this you should check the category page.

Author : Anne-Sofie

Anne-Sofie is a social media manager at Invendio. She is passionate about social media and is always seeking new information and keeping up with the online trends.

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