Hacking Incident Strikes Drupal.org Few Weeks After WordPress Was Hit

June 4, 2013 · 0 comments

by Anders

Drupal.org was hacked late last week and it is another example of the growing interest hackers have for the most popular open source publishing platforms. As users, we need to take this serious and stand together. Drupal.org is the home of the popular content management system and a large amount of user accounts where affected. The Drupal Team has announced an Important Security Update asking users to reset their Drupal.org Password.

Web security has become a big issue these days as there have been reports of numerous popular websites being hacked. Just last month, WordPress also had to encourage all WordPress site owners to secure their sites with strong passwords and unique usernames. A HostGator analysis revealed that there were about 90,000 IP addresses affected in the hacking incident while CloudFare believes that hackers controlled more than 100,000 bots to take over WordPress websites. You can read more about this here.

In the case of Drupal, the hacking incident broke out at May 29th and Drupal has sent emails to affected users. As of this time of writing, Drupal management has not yet dropped out names of possible culprits for the attack. One thing is sure though, these hackers intended to access the members’ usernames, passwords and email addresses. If your website runs on Drupal, you should check Drupals FAQ about the incident here.

Author : Anders

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