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WordPress has its own gallery included for users to upload and present their pictures in a creative way. This works well but if you work with multiple complex galleries and want special effects, it is not going to make it. Several third party gallery plugins have been created to fill this gap. A good example of such a plugin is Complete Gallery Manager for WordPress. It is a premium solution, yet very affordable, and it makes it easy to set up and manage galleries on WordPress sites.

With Complete Gallery Manager for WordPress you have more than a dozen of customization options, two gallery types, eight layout modes, image sorting/filtering, add-ons, save your settings as templates and a whole lot of options for full gallery control. The plugin creates responsive image galleries so browsing on mobile devices and different viewports would not be a problem.



There are so many design and layout options available for galleries you can insert. Let us have a peek at a few examples before looking into the backend. Note that there are varius controls available to filter and sort the images in the gallery. Cliking an image will open a gallery lightbox.


Gallery with border and radius effects


Gallery Lightbox


Another design example

The plugin also includes a gallery slider with touch support.


Touch Slider

Now to the admin pages of Complete Gallery Manager for WordPress

The plugin can be accessed in the WordPress dashboard menu after installation. The first entry in the menu is the Get Started option. New users could find some useful info from here on how to use the gallery manager.


Galleries you created can be found in the List Gallery section. The gallery ID, title, comments, shortcodes, author, date and a tool to duplicate the gallery can be found here.


Navigate to CGM Settings > Add Gallery to add a new image gallery. You will be presented with a new page for customizing the gallery you wish to create.


Complete Gallery Manager for WordPress allows you to add images from other sites (YouTube Videos, Flickr).


Let’s go deeper in some of the most commonly used features of this plugin:

Gallery Settings

You can choose from 2 gallery types, Isotope and Touch Slider. I included examples of the two types above.


Template Settings

You have the option to save the layout you made for later use on other galleries.


General Settings

There are 2 sets of gallery settings in the plugin. First is for the isotope gallery and second for the touch slider.


You can hide the menu, alter the animation, mouse click, size width and buttons for the Isotope gallery Settings.


Touch Slider

In the General Settings for the Touch Slider you can easily set the size of the slider, add a full screen button and set the click action.


Inserted Media

Here you can edit the individual image properties. You can change the image categories, image size, link and description.


The administration panel for the plugin can be accessed under CGM Settings > Options.

General Settings

You can decrease the upload file size form here but if you want to increase more than your server’s default, you need to change your servers php.ini file


Flickr Settings

You need to add your account name and Flickr API key for the plugin to access your images.


Reset Settings

Check this option if you experience problems with inserting/uploading images when using WordPress 3.5.x


Complete Gallery Manager for WordPress is an overall and very feature rich solution to your WordPress gallery needs. You can easily create stunning galleries and animated sliders without even touching a line of code. It has a comprehensive approach in dealing with the galleries included in WordPress or from other sources and outputs top of the line results. You can’t go wrong in choosing this plugin at all!

Author : Lars Vraa

Lars is passionate about web design, web development, SEO, social media and loves to look into new technologies, techniques, tools etc. and to write articles for tripwire magazine readers.

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