Twitter was launched in July of 2006 as an online micro blogging service. What made Twitter unique was its focus on keeping the messages short and to the point. Twitter posts are short messages limited to 140 characters. Today Twitter is in the top 10 of most visited Internet sites and has more than 550.000.000 active Twitter users registered – of these 115 million are active every month.

Resent years Twitter has positioned it as the media where news travels fast and where you get all the gossip, news and political insights before everyone else. All you need to do is follow the right persons or know how to find the tweets of your interest. If your are looking for some tips and tricks for better Twitter search you should check out this article.

Every day 58 million tweets are shared on Twitter, which is approx. 9.100 messages every second, making it the media to be present on no matter if you are following Lady Gaga or posting business tweets to promote your products. Of all of these daily tweets approx. 60% is generated from 3. party applications which indicates that Twitter has become an important tool for business’ around the world. However, for business’ to get the most out of their presents having great Twitter analytics tools is essential as to know how to get the most out of their social media promotional campaigns.

If you are one of the active users producing several tweets a day you might want to know a few shortcuts to help you save valuable time during the day. There are several different shortcuts – as you can see in the list below, that are designed to help you gain a smooth flow when working on Twitter.

If I missed out a shortcut please share in a comment which one so I can add it to the list. In addition, I would appreciate if you would share this resource with your followers on Twitter. Enjoy!

Shortcuts for browsing your tweets newsfeed

J = Next Tweet

K = Previous Tweet

Space = Page Down

/  = Search

: = Load New Tweets

Shortcuts for interacting

F = Favorite

M = New Direct Message

L = Close Open Tweets

N = New Tweet

T = Retweet

R = Reply

G + M = Messages

G + U = Go to a Profile

B = Block User

U = Unblock User

Shortcuts for categorizing

G + C = Connect Page

G + A = Activity Page

G + D = Discover Page

G + L = Lists

G + F = Favorites

G + R = Mentions

Shortcuts for finding basic settings

G + P = Profile

G + S = Settings

G + H = Home

? = Load Shortcut Menu

Author : Anne-Sofie

Anne-Sofie is a social media manager at Invendio. She is passionate about social media and is always seeking new information and keeping up with the online trends.

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