40+ Amazing Keynote Template Designs

September 23, 2016 · 2 comments

by Troy

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In today’s world, it is essential to master good communication skills. The use of keynote templates as visual aids and the reinforcement of your good public speaking skills is undeniably a way to success.

A set of strong keynotes or slides can help you take your presentation to the next level especially if the slides prepared are attractive and well-organized.

Images are powerful tools of communication, and they can say much more than words. The use of keynotes with relevant images and illustrations to support your spoken words will help you involve the two main senses – listen and see. This will assist you in getting your message through to your audience, and it can be highly beneficial to you as a speaker.

Keynote is a generally used software for MAC users and it is one of the “standards” for making slideshow presentations. This articles provide you with more than 40 keynote templates for your next presentation. They can be used for any kind of presentation such as for product branding, product demonstrations, corporate training, sales reports and so on.

If you like Keynote Templates, make sure to check out the thousands of fully-licensed premium examples found over at Envato Market

Before you move on to the templates I hope you can find time to watch this video showing a nice trick on how to make a cool intro in Keynote. We also added a very useful infographic in the end of this post: 10 Presentation Facts you should know

Enjoy this list and please leave us a comment in the comment section.


MaxPro-Business Plan Keynote Presentation Template – MORE INFO

MaxPro Business Plan Keynote Presentation

MaxPro Business Plan Keynote Presentation is a flexible and professional looking presentation slide package. It is easy and fast to get your presentation ready with 182 unique Multipurpose Slides, 10 color themes, fully resizable and editable grapichs – just drag & drop.

KASPIAN Keynote Presentation – MORE INFO

Kaspian is a multipurpose keynote template

This presentation is called Kaspian and it is a multipurpose keynote template with more than 100 Unique Creative Slides. It has useful Drag & Drop Object Placeholders, Unlimited Color Options, 450 Key Icons and 50 Key InfoGraphics included in the presentation.

Anim8 – Keynote Presentation Template – MORE INFO


Anim8 is a fully featured Premium Template. It is a contemporary, modern Keynote template with 120+ unique slides – perfect for your business reports or creative presentations.

Marketing Strategy Presentation for Keynote – MORE INFO

Marketing Strategy Presentation for Keynote

Marketing Strategy Template is an amazing set of more than 110 unique handcrafted slides (25000 Total). It comes with more than 1000 vector icons. You will have unlimited customizations options: Version with or without effects, 20 incredible pattern backgrounds, 16 amazing, modern color palettes, versions in Bright and Dark. Print layout (A4) 300dpi ready / aspect ratios: 16:9, 4:3, 16:10, A4.

Ideo Keynote Presentation – MORE INFO

Ideo Keynote Presentation

Ideo Keynote Presentation Template is a professional, clean, creative, simple presentation template. All element easy to edit and you can easily change the color to match it with your personal or company brand. Ideo has 130+ unique slide (team, portfolio, chart, infographics, map, table, timeline, etc)

Six Keynote Template – MORE INFO

Six Keynote Template

This template is based on unique ability to use free or commercial dingbat fonts as icons. It does not require Photoshop or any other graphic software skills. The presentation includes custom animated pages and transitions, based on master-slides and placeholders. Package comes with several pre-built color themes.

SEO Services Keynote Template – MORE INFO

SEO Services Keynote Template

This Keynote Presentation Template is appropriate for any search engine optimization and Internet Marketing business looking to describe services offered and strategic business approaches with creative and infographic way.

The44Slides – MORE INFO


This Keynote Presentation Template is appropriate for any search engine optimization and Internet Marketing business looking to describe services offered and strategic business approaches with creative and infographic way.

Karbon – Keynote Presentation Template – MORE INFO

Karbon - Keynote Presentation Template

This is a  popular Keynote template features 24 full editable slides, professional vibrant color scheme. It also include the following: Karbon services, Karbon team, Karbon picture, Karbon quote, Karbon list one and two, Karbon picture, Karbon content and more!

DEVWARE | 33 Pages | Keynote Presentation – MORE INFO

DEVWARE 33 Pages Keynote Presentation

This Presentation is perfect for your Agency or your next Application or you can use it for both

Social Market Keynote Presentation – MORE INFO

Social Market Keynote Presentation

“Social Market” is a Keynote Template designed to offer an exhaustive and professional platform for presenting project related to the social network world, particularly from the marketing perspective.

Parallel Keynote Presentation Template – MORE INFO

Parallel Keynote Presentation Template

Parallel is a modern presentation with style and sophistication, perfect for a creative agency, photographer, fashion brand, high street retailer or any business with style.

Handmade Collection Keynote Template Bundle – MORE INFO

Handmade Collection Keynote Template Bundle

Flex your creative muscle with The Handmade Keynote Collection, a robust bundle containing three popular styles of stunning and easily customizable presentation templates.

Multi Trends Keynote Presentation Template – MORE INFO

Multi Trends Keynote Presentation Template

Professional presentation template with multicolor theme, on dark and light backgrounds, perfect for corporate and business use.

Sketch Keynote Template – MORE INFO

Sketch Keynote Template“Sketch” is a Keynote Template designed to offer a fun and fresh platform for presenting your project.

Chalk Dust Keynote Presentation Template – MORE INFO

Chalk Dust Keynote Presentation Template

Now you can easily create a modern, unique presentation for both professional and personal use with this fully customizable, high definition Keynote template. Impress customers, clients, associates and prospects with this refreshing, friendly design.

Marketing Strategy Presentation Keynote – MORE INFO


Marketing Strategy is an attractive Keynote template for marketing presentations. It comes with 15 unique slides, easy editable and animated. Aspect ratio 16:9 and 4:3. Blue and pink background also included.

Parched Keynote Template – MORE INFO


Enjoy creating your Keynote presentation with Parched Keynote Template. It has the following characteristics: all elements are animated, format for the presentation is 1024×768, Help File, background images in .jpg, and well-organized .psd file for easy customization of all the elements. Also, it has 21 unique slides provided in both iWork’08 and iWork’09.

Social Media Keynote Template – MORE INFO


You are ‘IN’ with the modern designs by Social Media Keynote Presentation. Enjoy this template with the following contemporary features: professional design, image placeholder ready, awesome template, animated effects, documentation file in MS word document and PDF, and PNG files included. Enjoy customizing with ease by changing photos, texts, colour and by adding different background or selecting your preferred ribbon, and much more!

Parallel Keynote Presentation Template – MORE INFO


Talking about ingenuity and stylishness, Parallel Keynote Presentation Template is one good example. It has a contemporary and sophisticated design for creative agency, photographer, high street retailer, fashion brand or any business with style. One thing that makes it more simplified is that the background images, text, colors and animation can also be edited flawlessly.

 Marketbees Keynote Template – MORE INFO


This template comes in complete package like in the following features or characteristics: 100% customizable, PSD source file included, 06 different versions, full HD layout (1920x 1080), 27 creative slides, animated effects, highly organized vector layers (PSD file), Fonts: calibri and verdana, 01 ReadMe text file, and many more.

Clean White Keynote Presentation – MORE INFO


Here’s a keynote template that’s neat and presentable to look at. Clean White Keynote Presentation is all about simplicity with style. It uses a free font in the template which is very quick to download and goes with 5 PSD files that are well layered and easy to customize.

Watercolor Keynote Template – MORE INFO


Stun your audience with this unique and creative customizable HD Keynote template! Whilst you enjoy creating your presentation with its amazing features: 3 key files, pre-styled data charts (with watercolour texture), subtle watercolour paper textured background, 19 Master Slides in HD (1920×1080), 63 hand-painted transparent .png graphics (arrows, stars, lines, word bubbles and a lot more), and custom made charts.

Utopia – MORE INFO


Utopia is a keynote template for visual presentation in black background with and yellow and white template. The modern and trendy look is very captivating with a high resolution template. There is nothing more classy and refine than a black and white design with a feminine touch of yellow.

Architectural Keynote Template – MORE INFO


Wow your audience with Architectural Keynote Template. Download and enjoy creating your presentation with its superb characteristics. It has 20 master slides, 3 key and kth files, 5 different image presentation master pages, pre-designed custom charts and automatic charts and lines, and many custom icons as separate .png files.

PowerBox Keynote – MORE INFO


PowerBox keynote template is modest, eloquent and very commercial for corporate type of business. It has an amazing 21 slides with graphics, business proposals, timelines, column variations, metrics and more. It showcases two dominant colors for clarity of presentation for a more professional appearance. You can choose Edmond sans, calibri and governor fonts to make it look formal.

Minimalist Presentation PLUS Keynote Minimalist – MORE INFO


Are you up to clean and sleek presentation? This keynote template might just be right for you. Perfect for presentations to an agency and to any business or events. No hassles in changing colours, texts and photos. More features are: 2. Key files (08’ and 09’), 20 slides, HD resolution, 16 icons PSD files and README file.

Motivaction Keynote – MORE INFO


Increase your efficiency with Motivaction keynote animated templates to keep up with the standards of your business. You can easily customize your presentation with its black, grey and blue theme. It has 23 slides with animated effects and transitions, 3 key files, jpg files and help file. This keynote template is ideal for business, corporate or even for personal use.

Ika – Clean and Simple Keynote Template – MORE INFO


‘Ika’ is a certified hassle-free Keynote template perfect for people who likes it clean and simple. The package includes the Help File, JPG files with presentation backgrounds in 3 colour schemes, Layered and organized PSD files with presentation backgrounds and colours, 2 KEY files – 16.9 and 4.3, and, arrows or lines and coloured markers are included as a slide in the template. Enjoy!

Simply Premium3 – Keynote Presentation – MORE INFO


Simply Premium3 is an elite Keynote Presentation template that includes standardized materials perfect for business and any other event oral reports and/or presentations. You can enjoy the 17 dazzling frames, the unique animation and sleek transitions, the working navigation at top, and all the different fonts that can be downloaded for free.

Sharp Design Keynote Template – MORE INFO


Sharp Design is an enjoyable keynote template which is apt for any kind of business. It’s advisable to any venture because of flexibility; you can easily modify everything. Every element is very editable. The footer has navigations. Its fonts are very corporate: Calibri, Bedas and Calibri Bold.

Professional Animated Keynote Template – MORE INFO


Easy editable, simple yet sleek and just perfect for professionals! Professional Animated Keynote Template includes: a BONUS yellow presentation background (.JPG, >PSD, and .PNG file), Three PSD file for each colour (front page, inside, end page), JPG and PNG file for each color, Three key files with different tone colour (green, blue and white clean). Download now and feel very professional!

Course Présentation – MORE INFO


If you have an agency, this keynote template is the right for you. It can generally be acquainted to your likings and themes. It can easily change colors, photos and texts. On these manners, it can also be good for any type of business, ventures or events. It also has 15 icons, .key files, HD resolution, animated slideshows and includes 18 colorful slides.

Rework Keynote Presentation


This free Keynote template includes the following best features: FREE Fonts (Bebas and Lobster), 6 master slides, layered PSD files, dark and light colour theme, KEY (iWork ’09, iWork ’08), KTH files, animated effects, 2 aspect ratio (4:3 and 16:9), PNG graphics, easy color change, and many more!

E-Commerce Infographic Keynote Template – MORE INFO


E-Commerce Infographic Keynote Template is a keynote template which can provide a very well done presentation by coming up with fresh style and unique slides. This template is very ideal in your eCommerce survey and other type of statistical analysis—both in original infographic and professional way. One of its precious features is its easiness to customize.

Simple Pro – Keynote Interactive Template – MORE INFO


Enjoy Simple Pro’s unique feature of INTERACTIVITY where you can just click one tab and another designed for easy access and flexibility during your creation and presentation. The template includes GRAPHIC ELEMENTS (#2 PSD social buttons of 4 different colours), CUSTOM and exciting ANIMATIONS, Full HD (1920×1080), and Keynote (minimum iWork ’09).

Interactive Menu – MORE INFO


Interactive Menus is a keynote template which in full HD (1920×1080). Thus, it is very perfect for advanced businesses. However, it is also good for reputation-building of any company.

This template allows the company to show attractive an elegant presentation—just like little websites. What’s good with each slide is a button that pops up a menu where the users can access the other categories.

Infographic Survey Keynote Template – MORE INFO


Be very informative with your presentation and at the same time go graphic with your visual aids. Infographic Survey Keynote Template provides the following main features: 24 unique slides, catchy animation effects, highly organized vector layers, PSD source files included, 01 README text file, FONTS: Calibri and Rockwell, recommended software version Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2007+. Enjoy!

Rubicon Keynote Presentation Template – MORE INFO


Rubicon Keynote Presentation Template is a keynote template which is very professional yet very easy to utilize. It has 13 master slides which are all HD in 1920×1080 pixels. Its textures and designs are very edgy, in 3 unique colors. This template will make your presentation modern, memorable and exceptional.

Vintage Photo Album Keynote Template – MORE INFO


If you have a classical heart and a soulful vibes, Vintage Photo Album Keynote Template is perfect for you! It has the easy and customizable Keynote Template Set: three master pages designed for text, four different cover pages and typographic styles to mix-and-match, 36 unique master pages and many more. Plus you free use of fonts of Parisian, Amatic SC, Good Foot, Hominis, Ostrich Sans and Lewis Carroll!

Retro Slides – Keynote Template (Full HD) – MORE INFO


Go backtrack with Retro styles and effects. This Keynote template has a custom graphic elements and animation. It is highly customizable with simplicity both in Keynote (minimum iWork ’09) andadobe photoshop. The setting is in full HD (1920×1080) and the file is full of graphic elements (more than 50 PSD). This is perfect for creativity, reports, business presentations, corporate training and portfolio. Have fun!

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10 Presentation Facts you should know

Before you dive into the facts please take a look at the stunning Keynote Templates on Envato Market.


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