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Have you ever wanted to create your own WordPress theme from scratch, but never really knew where to begin? Well, this list of books about WordPress theme development will definitely be of interest to you if you want to know how to create a WordPress theme that rocks and stands out from the rest! WordPress is one of the easiest platforms to use when managing web content making it a very popular blogging platform with millions of users worldwide. As a result many web designers have a desire to make it a career designing robust and elegant WordPress themes that sell by the thousands like some web designers have succeeded doing with some of their best WordPress themes for photographers.

Whether you are starting up as a web designer wanting to create unique and beautiful websites or if you are a more advanced web designer already creating websites for business clients, corporate sites or theme repositories you will benefit from reading these books. Creating WordPress themes that are awesome and stands out from the rest is not an easy task and depends entirely on your skills as a designer. These books uses step-by-step instructions, easy to use guides and examples to teach you how to master the art of creating WordPress themes so that everything displayed caters to the specific kind of content the site you are designing offers. And depending on your web development skill-set or level you will find books that covers mostly basic and intermediate stuff and books that covers the more advanced techniques in depth.

If you want to take WordPress theme development to the next level be sure to check out these books – they are a great inspirational source to further strengthen your skills as a web designer. Enjoy!

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Rockstar WordPress Designer

Managing web content has always been tricky, but with WordPress, any web designer can have a flexible, free and powerful CMS to use not just on blogging projects, but on all sorts of websites. In How To Be a Rockstar WordPress Designer you will learn step by step how to take a straight HTML site and power it with WordPress.

During the course of the book you’ll build THREE WordPress themes, a blog, a portfolio site and a general site with menus and submenus. Each theme demonstrates different aspects of WordPress theming and all three are packaged in with the book so you’ll have Photoshop, HTML, CSS and WordPress PHP files to refer to.


Rockstar WordPress Designer 2

Want to take your WordPress theme designs to the next level? Rockstar WordPress Designer 2 picks up where the original Rockstar WordPress Designer left off and teaches you the advanced tools for WordPress mastery! Rohan Mehta translates his extensive experience as a WordPress developer into a straight-forward, practical guide to advanced WordPress features like custom post types, widgets, and more.


Professional WordPress (Wrox Programmer to Programmer) [Paperback]

An in-depth look at the internals of the WordPress system. As the most popular blogging and content management platform available today, WordPress is a powerful tool. This exciting book goes beyond the basics and delves into the heart of the WordPress system, offering overviews of the functional aspects of WordPress as well as plug-in and theme development.


WordPress 2.8 Theme Design [Paperback] / [Kindle Edition]

This book is going to take you through the Unique and Beautiful route with the idea that once you know how to create a theme from scratch, you’ll be more apt at understanding what to look for in other WordPress themes. This book can be used by WordPress users or visual designers (with no server-side scripting or programming experience) who are used to working with the common industry-standard tools like PhotoShop and Dreamweaver or other popular graphic, HTML, and text editors. Regardless of your web development skill-set or level, you’ll find clear, step-by-step instructions, but familiarity with a broad range of web development skills and WordPress know-how will allow you to gain maximum benefit from this book.


WordPress 3.2 Theme Design: Beginner’s Guide [Paperback]

The book will take you through the ins and outs of creating sophisticated professional themes for the WordPress personal publishing platform. It’s easy to create powerful and professional themes for your WordPress website when you’ve got this book to hand. It covers step-by-step instructions for creating a robust and flexible WordPress theme, along with best practices for theme development.


Smashing WordPress Themes: Making WordPress Beautiful [Paperback] / [Kindle Edition]

The ultimate guide to WordPress Themes – one of the hottest topics on the web today. WordPress is so much more than a blogging platform, and Smashing WordPress Themes teaches readers how to make it look any way they like – from a corporate site, to a photography gallery and more. WordPress is one of the hottest tools on the web today and is used by sites including The New York Times, Rolling Stone, flickr, CNN, NASA and of course Smashing Magazine. Beautiful full colour throughout – web designers expect nothing less.


Build Your Own Wicked WordPress Themes [Paperback] / [Kindle Edition]

Wicked WordPress Themes is a step-by-step guide to creating beautiful themes for the world’s most popular CMS, WordPress.
By following the book’s advice, readers can produce designs that are aesthetically stunning, consistent, and for-purpose -whether it’s for their own use, or to drive a high price on the theme marketplace. All facets of theme design are covered: from design, coding, and deployment, to ensuring readers’ designs are ready-to-go as soon as they’re installed. Wicked WordPress Themes teaches readers how to leverage theme design frameworks to dramatically shorten development time, enabling them to enter the theme market faster.


WordPress 2.8 Themes Cookbook [Paperback] / [Kindle Edition]

Each recipe comprises step-by-step instructions followed by the analysis of what was done in each task and other useful information. The book is designed so that you can read it chapter by chapter, or you can look at the list of recipes and refer to them in no particular order. There are plenty of useful screenshots to make learning easier for you. This book is for WordPress developers who want to create powerful themes for their blogs and web sites to impress and influence visitors. This book expects working knowledge of the WordPress platform. Knowledge of HTML and CSS would also be useful.


WordPress Themes: How-to easily edit free WordPress blog themes yourself! [Kindle Edition]

There are more WordPress themes today than grains of sand on a beach. This is wonderful, but sometimes too many choices can lead to confusion. Using a free theme designed by someone other than WordPress might lead to incompatibility with widgets and plug-ins that you want to use. The biggest benefit to using the WordPress default theme, and customizing it yourself, is that the code is already as close to perfect as you can get, meaning you are building your blog upon a solid foundation.
This book will teach you how to create your own theme customizations, by creating and using a child theme, with the WordPress default theme as your foundation. You will learn exactly what a child theme is, how to create one, and how to use it to customize your WordPress blog.
This book is a step-by-step outline that anyone can follow. It walks you through exactly how to make many popular edits to the WordPress default theme yourself. It is written in plain English and the customizations can be easily accomplished by the average reader and any level WordPress user.


WordPress – In a Day – Free Theme Edition (WordPress In a Day) [Kindle Edition]

WordPress In a Day is a step by step guide to creating a full professional website and blog, for business or personal use, in a single day. The book includes the implementation and configuration of 2 powerful yet totally free WordPress themes. The themes ‘Twenty Eleven’ and ‘zeeBusiness’ provide a host of features that will satisfy just about all personal and business users.
This book will show you how to create a website and blog that can be shared through all of the major social networking and social bookmarking sites. It will show you how to create and publish Blogs, Articles and regular Web Pages. You will be able to include images, videos, forms and shopping carts within your web pages and posts.


WordPress Theme Hack: Learn How To Customize Your Default WordPress Theme To Create The Look And Feel You Want! [Kindle Edition]

Learning how to customize the default WordPress 2011 Theme will help you create the look and feel of a WordPress Premium theme. This can help you save money, as most Premium themes are paid themes.
“WordPress Theme Hack” contains over 35 tutorials that show you how to customize the WordPress default 2011 theme using simple code modifications to files and CSS stylesheets. This guide is suitable for advanced WordPress users, web developers and beginner WordPress Theme designers.


WordPress Bible [Paperback] / [Kindle Edition]

Within a week of the announcement of WordPress 3.0, it had been downloaded over a million times. Now you can get on the bandwagon of this popular open-source blogging tool with WordPress Bible, 2nd Edition. Whether you’re a casual blogger or programming pro, this comprehensive guide covers the latest version of WordPress, from the basics through advanced application development. If you want to thoroughly learn WordPress, this is the book you need to succeed. Helps you enhance your blogs findability in major search engines and create customizable and dynamic themes.


WordPress Web Design For Dummies [Paperback] / [Kindle Edition]

Learn how WordPress can help you create a unique, customized Web site. Once only a platform for bloggers, WordPress is gaining popularity as a tool for creating individualized Web sites. WordPress expert Lisa Sabin-Wilson makes it easy for anyone with a basic knowledge of the WordPress software to create a custom site using complimentary technologies including CSS, HTML, and PHP. This easy-to-follow, full-color guide helps you identify the tools and technologies you need to create the site you envision, build a user-friendly navigation system, select colors and layouts, work with existing WordPress themes, and even develop your own theme to personalize your site.


WordPress 3: Creating and Editing Custom Themes

In WordPress 3: Creating and Editing Custom Themes, author Chris Coyier shows how to build a custom WordPress theme from scratch and satisfy common client requests. The course covers steps necessary to build a theme using a complete workflow with Photoshop, HTML, CSS, and WordPress 3.0. Also included are tutorials on enhancing a WordPress site with JavaScript, using plugins, and ensuring site security. Exercise files accompany the course.


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