March 2012

40+ Useful HTML5 Examples and Tutorials

by Lars March 30, 2012HTML

HTML5 examples can be really good inspiration for anyone starting a new web project, after all it is the future of web page markup and we all need to prepare […]


CODE Tips #1: How to Create Fixed Navigation

by Lars March 30, 2012CODE Tips

Typically navigation menus follow the content and move up when the page is scrolled just to dissapear. While this is pretty much seen all over the Internet some site use […]


PS Tips #1: Test drive Photoshop 6 Beta For Free

by Lars March 29, 2012PS Tips

Adobe has just released a beta version of the next version of Photoshop. Photoshop users are often sticking to one version for a long time and the new yearly releases […]


How-To Translate WordPress Themes and Plugins

by Lars March 28, 2012Wordpress

If you have never translated a WordPress theme or plugin before you may find that first time you try it out… it is not that easy. WordPress is certainly well […]


85+ Cool jQuery Effects Roundup

by Lars March 25, 2012jQuery Plugin Collections

jQuery effects are used more or less all over the Internet today. Just a few years ago Flash was dominating the scene for interactive and dynamic websites. The arrival of […]


20 Cool jQuery Text Effects

by Lars March 25, 2012jQuery Plugin Collections

With jQuery text effects you can do really cool and dynamic stuff on your web pages. However keep in mind that text effects in web design is far away from […]


35 Cool YouTube Backgrounds

by Dustin Betonio March 24, 2012Social Media

YouTube is a profound video sharing website where you can share your videos to millions of people all over the world. The recent event where a video created by invincible […]

2 comments – A Completely New and Free Task Management Tool

by Lars March 23, 2012Tools

I just heard about and started to check it out. I quickly said to myself… “OK let’s give it a try… it is free and sounds useful.” is […]


90 Of The Best Premium WordPress Themes

by Sonny M. Day March 22, 2012Wordpress

When building a site using WordPress it is recommended to use one of the Best Premium WordPress Themes available. Free themes are also an option, but for serious projects and […]


50 Artistic Collection Of Fine Arts Photography

by Ronalea March 21, 2012Photography

Fine arts photography, also known as art photography, refers to an activity which a certain photo conveys a message that a photographer or an artist wants to express in a […]

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