mac apps for web designers

As we are rounding up the changes of 2011 and stepping into the 2012, there are some significant changes that draw our attention, and Mac is one of those notable changes. According to the statistics from Net Market Share, the Mac OS market share on desktop reached historical heights of 6.36%; and with excellent performance of Apple sales, the trend will keep growing in 2012.

Since we always keep up with any update and news of the industry, Mac is the topic of today’s post. With tremendous growth of Mac and Mac apps, we can now say without doubt, that these Apple’s Mac are now running a wider platform. Here we are sharing with you 10 practical Mac apps which are widely used by web developers and website designers alike.




mac apps for web designers

In cases of website project, a powerful text editor is necessary. In terms of editor, Coda is widely used. If we ignore Coda, we’d be drowned by spittle. Coda is a powerful text editor specialized in code editing, file transfer, SVN, CSS, smart spelling and etc. It supports all the usual languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, PHP and etc. All works in connection with the coding can be done easier with Coda.


mac apps for web designers

Focused on style sheets with a gorgeous interface, CSSEdit lets you create beautiful websites with custom style sheets. It is a CSS debugging suite that contains selector builder, advanced visual editors, live preview, intelligent source environment and powerful X-ray web page inspector. It is now built inside the Espresso with CSS3 support.

3.RapidWeaver 5

mac apps for web designers

RapidWeaver makes it easy to design any kind of website from online photo slideshow to company websites and personal blogs. It provides 11 built-in page types for you to get started and over 45 themes for you to change its look. With built-in support for Apple’s MobileMe service, alongside support for FTP & SFTP uploads, you’ll be able to publish your site for the world to see. It is a great helper even if you are not an expert in coding.

4.SWF Decompiler for Mac

mac apps for web designers

SWF Decompiler for Mac is a must have tool for website designers, Flash animators and HTML5 developers. It is capable of Flash to HTML5 conversion, SWF decompiling, FLA recovery and fast SWF editing. It is a professional tool in cases of animation design.


mac apps for web designers

Adobe Photoshop is definitely a must have tool for every designer. Photoshop CS5 redefines digital imaging with breakthrough tools for photography editing, superior image selections, realistic painting.


mac apps for web designers

Color design is an essential part of web design. A nice color combination brings comfortable visual experience. ColorSchemer is a professional color-matching application for your Mac that will help you build beautiful color schemes quickly and easily.


mac apps for web designers

You must have encountered font problems such as what font do you have to use to match your design. PanaFont is designed to solve questions like choosing and matching fonts. For most designers it means sorting through hundreds and even thousands of fonts – sometimes with the client right by their side – to find just the right one. PanaFont makes it quick and easy by displaying all the installed fonts on your computer in a unique all-at-once display. See what your text looks like in any font at any size in a few seconds.

8.Icns Editor

mac apps for web designers

Icon is another important part of web design. Websites cannot live without icons. Icns Editor is an easy to use tool to create an icon to your Mac application. With Icns, you can easily drag & drop an image or an existing icon file into the application.

9.Cheetah 3D

mac apps for web designers

Cheetah 3D is a powerful 3D modeling, rendering and animation app for Mac OS. It is capable of 3D modeling, UV unwrapping, text painting, global illumination render, joint based character animation and etc.


mac apps for web designers

Intaglio is a traditional Macintosh drawing & illustration application. It builds on the 2D graphics, text, color, and scripting capabilities of Mac OS X to provide unprecedented power and flexibility in an inexpensive drawing program.


Although it is impossible to cover every aspect of web design, we are trying to cover as many as possible within 10 Mac apps. Two things are for sure however. The above 10 apps are widely used by web designers, and there are still a lot of other excellent Mac apps favored by some web designers, which may not be listed here.  You are welcome to share your favorite apps with us in the comment.


Author : Viki Hoo

Name: Viki hoo
Viki is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of 7plusdezine. She’s graphic
designer with 6 years of experience in vector, logo design?flash to HTML5.
Meanwhile, She also likes writing articles about her experience, summary
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