40 Beautiful Fire Photo Manipulation Showcase

February 25, 2012 · 1 comment

by Ronalea

Fire Photo Manipulation

Fire photo manipulation is a creative and meticulous way of adding a special touch to ordinary pictures. In fire photo manipulation, there is always an aim to make a certain object on the photo appear as if it was blazing with fire.  In order to do such photos, you need to make use of Photoshop and other tools available for editing a picture. You may follow some Photoshop fire effect tutorials to learn the techniques needed. Also, check out and get to know more about Photoshop text effect tutorials. In fire photo manipulation, a dark background or photo helps in revealing an object on fire.

Keep your desire burning in making fire photo manipulations. If you are looking for inspiration – you have come to the right place. We made a collection with great examples of fire photo manipulation created by different artists. Please share your opinion in a comment. If you wish to share your own masterpiece, just let us know. Read on and have a great time!



1. Corrida in flames by Adomas Jazdauskas

Corrida in flames by Adomas Jasdauskas

2. HDR by Diego Mansinho

HDR by Diego Mansinho

3. Wrath


4. Element Fire by Koushik Krishnan

Element Fire by Koushik Krishnan

5. Burning


6. Omega by chiaralily

Omega by chiaralily

7. ONE WINGED RIOT by Konstantin A.R.

ONE WINGED RIOT by Konstantin A.R.

8. Gas?lee”n by David Stevenson

gas?lee"n by David Stevenson

9. Perpetual Flame (Rising Force) by Rafael Buluran

Perpertual Flame

10. My Lovefire by Lucas Dranka

My lovefire

11. Fire Dancer by Bram Vanhaeren

Fire Dancer

12. Joe on Fire by Nick Deeming

Joe on Fire

13. Fire Dragon by chiaralily

Fire Dragon

14. Fire Self-Portrait by Kylie Ehlinger

Fire Self-Portrait

15. Fiery cocktail by Platon Ivantsov

Fiery cocktail

16. Fallen Angel Burns by chiaralily

Fallen Angel Burns

17. Optima Ghent by Dirckx Lieven

Optima Ghent

18. Fire Gremlin Photographed by Evan Bornholtz

Fire Gremlin

19. BURNING by Francesco Mugnai


20. Fire Horse by Árpád Zsámboki

Fire Horse

21. Look beneath the surface and choose wisely

Look beneath the surface and choose wisely

22. Water and Fire by João Veríssimo

Water and Fire

23. Lost in the Pacific by Moustafa Khamis

Lost in the Pacific

24. Fire series by Oleg Osharov

Fire Series

25. Me on FIRE by Ben Savvides

Me on Fire

26. Girl On Fire by Jessica Bales

Girl on Fire

27. Fire Within Me by Ana Fagarazzi

Fire Within Me

28. Fire by Etienne Lesourd


29. Photo Manipulation by Marco Schneider

Photo Manipulation

30. Fire Lion by Sherif Ahmad

Fire Lion

31. Fire Bird by Jelani Dozier

Fire Bird

32. The Sound of Fire by Patrick Monkel

The Sound of Music

33. The Creator by Miguel Duarte

The Creator

34. Photo manipulation by Tim McCluskey

Photo manipulation

35. Forgiveness by Paulina Galindo


36. Abandonment by James Zwadlo


37. Girl in Fire by Dainis Steinbergs

Girl in Fire

38. Fire by Eric Vasquez



Keep on Fire

40. Personal Superhero by Dominik Banasik

Personal superhero

Author : Ronalea Talaboc

Rona is just a simple girl often lost in her daydreams in the days past. Now, she has found herself and discovered that she loves social media, gadgets, graphic design and anything creative. During her free time, you can find her taking pictures of cats and some surreal landscapes.


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orange February 29, 2012 at 10:42 am

Photoshop est vraiment très utile. Apprendre rapidement.


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