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If your job, hobby or lifestyle in itself demands spending a lot of time each day working on a computer, or lots of computers all at the same time, you probably have a favorite computer workstation setup where you are most comfortable. An actual usage of your friend’s or your officemate’s computer workstation, and you’ll find whether your setup is lacking or is more comfortable than his. If you find that yours is wanting in some aspects, then you can make some adjustments.

Whether it is for comfort or for aesthetic purposes, you are better off working on a computer workstation setup that you truly like. Facing the computer screen and doing your thing all day is a very boring activity. That is why, a comfortable and nice-looking setup or placement of computer equipment on a desk, designed just for the purpose, is very important.

Here, were featuring cool computer workstation setups that you can adopt for your own. Whether you are using a MAC, a Windows PC, or a laptop, or a combination of any of the three, you can learn from these actual setups used by other people. If you have any thoughts about this article, or if you want to share your own computer workstation setup, give us a note below so  that others may find out. Happy viewing!



1. Computer Setup by Paul Mayne


2. Computer Desktop Setup by Andrew


3. macbook pro setup by sciondriver


4. The Lab by Grafix Guru


5. Industrial style workspace by Andy Clarke


6. 2009 Apple Workstation


7. Computer Workstation Setup by fensterbme


8. My new, even more awesome setup by Cold Eskimo


9. Computer Workspace by Chance Reecher


10. One More by Chris Marshall


11. Desktop Workspace by tuartboy


12. Workstation Ready by Bwana McCall


13. Nicholas Todd’s Bedroom Workspace


14. iMac and iBook, MacBook by Quattro Vageena


15. Computer Setup by kezzawd


16. iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro & Macbook Air by Dekuwa


17. Computer setup at home by vlad


18. Once in a Blue Moon by Saebaryo


19. Organized and Ready by Jared Schmidt


20. New Computer Setup by Eric Jones


21. Macbook setup by Jay[N]


22. All-Mac WorkStation by Chengzuo Zhen


23. Computer Setup 5 by Clinton Phillips


24. Mac Setup by Todd Carpenter


25. The Serene Workspace by Schodts


26. Computer Setup by Peter Hajas


27. Tweaking my Setup by Travis Isaacs


28. New Silly Mac setup 2 by Michael Byström


29. Main Setup by Karin Dalziel


30. Final computer setup by John Shawler


31. Dual Monitor Setup by Will Keightley


32. Revised computer setup by Chris Bryson


33. Office Setup 2011 by Paul Mayne


34. Computer Gaming/Workstation Setup by Pablo Bigatti


35. The Mac Pro setup by Blake Patterson


36. New Desk Setup by John Dewar


37. Computer-desk setup by David Wilkinson


38. My home-office setup by Steve Cherrier


39. Computer Workstation Setup by O. Taillon


40. Apple, Ikea, Workspace Setup by Vince Welter


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