January 2012

40 Cool Computer Workstation Setups for Inspiration

by Sonny M. Day January 29, 2012 Inspiration

If your job, hobby or lifestyle in itself demands spending a lot of time each day working on a computer, or lots of computers all at the same time, you […]

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25 Cool Home Theater Set-ups

by Dustin Betonio January 27, 2012 Inspiration

A home theater or home cinema is a theater built in a home, designed to mimic or exceed a commercial theater performance and feeling. Home theaters are very popular nowadays, […]


30 Cool and Creative Camping Tent Designs

by Sonny M. Day January 25, 2012 Inspiration

  If you are creative and also love outdoor adventure then you also love to bring with you a creative tent where you can take a rest after an exhausting […]


How to Create a Blog Layout in Photoshop

by sanjay January 23, 2012 Web Design

Creating a blog layout isn’t that hard, the only thing you need is what kind of layout do you want. It maybe two column, three column and the list goes […]


35 Useful and Free E-books for Web Designers

by Dustin Betonio January 22, 2012 Usability

I have been looking for free e-books for web designers since it is a medium that can be a good way to pick up inspiration and new techniques. While buying […]


40+ Cool and Creative Bicycle Designs

by Sonny M. Day January 20, 2012 Inspiration

Bicycle is both a great form of transportation and at the same time an exercise gear. Depending on the bicycle’s primary purpose, it can be designed for speed and ease […]


40+ Incredible Samsung Galaxy Wallpaper Collection

by Dustin Betonio January 16, 2012 Wallpapers

Samsung Galaxy is a series of mobile computing devices produced by Samsung Electronics, all of which use the Android operating system. They help you keep in touch with the rest […]


40 Cool and Breathtaking Pictures of Infinity Pools

by Sonny M. Day January 15, 2012 Photography

An infinity pool (also named negative edge, zero edge, disappearing edge or vanishing edge pool) is a swimming or reflecting pool which produces a visual effect of water extending to […]


30+ Beautiful and Creative Food Art

by Sonny M. Day January 14, 2012 Inspiration

Food art is one where the medium used to create the art are edible materials. This art is either intended to attract the attention of the viewers towards the food […]


11 Best CSS Frameworks For Making Your Website Stylish

by Adam Parker January 12, 2012 CSS

The field of website design and development has grown out to become a really competitive virtual arena. It is no longer sufficient just to have static slump of online web […]

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