45+ Best Samsung Galaxy S2 Case Collection

February 3, 2012 · 6 comments

by Carsten

Samsung Galaxy S2 Cases

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is a touchscreen smartphone developed by Samsung and it’s one of the most popular and sought-after android smartphones on the market at the moment. Being one of the thinnest smartphones it comes with a dual core 1.2GHz processor, super-slim chassis and feather-light innards. It’s the next generation smartphone offering you the best in mobile communication and media entertainment like reading books, browsing, movies, music, social networking, games and email.

Even though the phone looks and feels great without a case there’s always a possibility of dropping it, shattering your device. Extending the lifetime of your smartphone by protecting it with a case or cover is a small investment and gives you 100% protection, improves grip while expressing your passion for your smartphone! Most cases won’t protect the screen though, making it very susceptible to scratches. You can use a high quality screen protector film that will protect your touchscreen from minor scratches and natural wear and tear, without degrading the touchscreen performance or experience.

In this unique collection I present more than 45 of the best Samsung Galaxy S2 cases that will make your device stand out and protect it against accidental drops or scratches. Hopefully your decision on your next Samsung Galaxy S2 case will be easier. Enjoy! Don’t miss out on our other great mobile case articles like best iPhone 4 Cases and cool iPhone 4 Cases. And check out these if you’re on the look for a new Samsung Galaxy wallpaper or live wallpaper downloads.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links (at no extra cost to you). I recommend that you do your own independent research before purchasing any product or service. This article is not a guideline, a recommendation or endorsement of specific products.



1. ZENUS Galaxy S2 / S2 Attain Leather Case – Black Chocolate

Zenus Attain Leather

Zenus is a pleasurably soft genuine leather case with a simple yet sophisticated design that will protect your phone whilst looking great. Has a soft inner material to clean the phone when slipped in and out of the case. Also available in fierce red and real black.

2. Smoke (S Shape) Candy Skin Cover for SAMSUNG i9100 (Galaxy S 2)


A nice looking clear case that fits snuggly to your phone whilst allowing full access to all ports and buttons. It has a figure pattern embellished on each side making the grip on the phone much better. It offers great protection and is thin but nothing that adds weight or bulk.

3. Ultra Slim Pocket Slip Case Pouch for Samsung Galaxy S2 SII i9100


This is an elegant pouch that fits the phone perfectly without adding much bulk. The inside is made of a soft material that will protect against scratches and cleans the screen from fingerprints when slipping in and out – perfect! This kind of case also protects the ports on the phone from getting full of dust from cloth while having it in the pocket. It’s also well protected from accidental drops.

4. Ballistic SA0735-M005 Samsung Galaxy S II SG Case

Ballistic SA0735-M005

This great case will ensure maximum protection from drops and bumps for years! It is very sturdy but also rather big and is made of impact resistant polycarbonate. The corners of the phone is protected with ballistic corners giving extra shock absorption. It fits the phone perfectly and gives access to all phone functions. A case for the dropsies!

5. Melkco – Samsung Galaxy S 2 I9100 Ultra Slim Leather case Flip Type Black / Orange


This is a hand-made genuine premium cowhide leather case for those who want to show off a great design due to the stylish stitch finishing. It protects your phone and screen from bumps and scratches with easy access to ports and buttons. Different styles and colors are available.

6. iGadgitz Dual Tone Black Durable Crystal Gel Skin

iGadgitz dual tone

This is another very stylish and comfortable iGadgitz case with dual tone texture effect. It’s designed to prevent grip induced signal loss problems and has textured sides for enhanced grip. It’s made of flexible silicone but with the durability of a hard plastic case adding great protection.

7. Hot Pink Textured Grip Case for Samsung Galaxy S2

Hot Pink Textured Grip Case for Samsung Galaxy S2

Bring your smartphone to life with some color! This hard plastic case covers the back and the sides of your phone giving full access to the screen all the time. It’s textured to add grip and gives access to all buttons and accessories.

8. TPU-Cases High Gloss Translucent Smoke Flexible TPU Case & Screen Protector

TPU-Cases High Gloss Translucent Smoke

This is an excellent inexpensive TPU case that even includes a screen protector. It’s got a high gloss non slip finish preventing the phone from getting stuck in the pocket and the case fits the phone perfectly allowing you to operate the phone with ease.

9. SGP Samsung Galaxy S2 Case – Linear Pure Series

SGP Case Linear Pure Series

Another eye-catching series called Linear Pure Series which surely will make your device look awesome. Easy access to all buttons and ports. Rounded corners and a design that maximizes the grip on the phone. Includes one crystal screen protector to avoid scratches.

These different color variations infinity white, tender blue, sherbet pink, reventon yellow, fantasia hot pink,  will make it easier to choose your favorite color.

Linear Pure Series

10. SGP Samsung Galaxy S2 Case – Leather Argos Series

Leather Argos Series

This is a premium best case made in vantage full grain leather. It is 100% handmade with no sewing or magnetics. It’s ultra slim with a leather thickness of only 1/2.5mm. It sure will make people go wow! You can get this in black, white, tender blue and shebert pink leather as well.

11. Case-Mate Pop! Samsung Galaxy S2 Case with Stand


This case has a lightweight plastic body constructed of plastic and soft rubber to create a hard cover with a soft touch. It has a very nice feature called The Pop which is keeping your screen lifted away from surfaces – practical if you want to watch videos or picture slideshows on the device keeping your hands free for other tasks. Form fit design that covers back, front and corners of device while keeping access to all ports and buttons. This high quality casing is a must buy! Also in black and pink.

12. SGP Samsung Galaxy S2 Case – Neo Hybrid EX Series

Neo Hybrid EX Series

SGP Neo Hybrid EX is the slimmest complete protection solution for your device. It has a solid color frame available in many different color variations with a back cover in either white or black. It is composed of 3 separate pieces – upper frame, lower frame and back cover allowing you to make the perfect personal color combination. You can order frames separately in the color you prefer and then mix them interchangeably to hundreds of different styles! The Neo Hybrid EX series colors are infinity white, reventon yellow, soul black, satin silver, sherbet pink, champagne gold and dante red.

Neo Hybrid EX Series

13. SGP Samsung Galaxy S2 Case – Leather GARIZ Series

SGP Leather Case Gariz Series

This is a very elegant case made in premium genuine leather that will hold your device in a an ultra slim design. The quality and fitting is remarkably excellent. A very solid piece of kit in a class of its own. Also in brown edition.

14. Pink Flowers Hard Snap On Cover Faceplate Protector for Samsung i9100 + Free Texi Gift Box

Pink Flowers Hard Snap

If you like to show off your smartphone this beautiful flower artwork hard case is definitely a hit. Protects against scratches and bumps and is easy to install.

15. Samsung Galaxy S2 Case – elago S4 BREATHE

elago S4 BREATHE Case

This case is designed and constructed using durable polycarbonate for your device. It is coated with polyurethane to avoid scratches and for better grip. Furthermore it’s an ultra slim fit and very light weight due it’s perforated design. Definitely one of the best covers. It’s also available in silver and white.

16. SGP Samsung Galaxy S2 Case – Anne Rossi Series

Anne Rossi Series

This is a seriously cool looking case made in premium genuine leather with crystal elements from Swarrovski which gives a certain aura about it. The white color and the black line visible between the front and back cover when it’s closed also makes it awesome. One of the best made protections for this phone. Also in a twilit edition:

Anne Rossi Series

17. SGP Samsung Galaxy S2 Case – Ultra Capsule Series

SGP Case Ultra Capsule

This one has a luxurious pearl finished surface which is very durable. The ultra Capsule series offers a slim and form fitted design with slightly rounded corners to show the perfect shape of your device. It is available in 6 unique colors pink, lime, white, tender blue and reventon yellow as shown below and includes one crystal screen protector.

Ultra Capsule Series

18. Amzer Luxe Argyle High Gloss TPU Soft Gel Skin for Samsung S2 i9100 Case

Amzer - smoking grey

A fashionable and durable case with reinforced Luxe Argyle High Gloss TPU Soft Gel Skin. All phone features fully available and it provides extra grip on angled surfaces to prevent it from sliding. Anti-dust and scratch-free properties makes it safe on the go. This cover certainly transforms your device into glamorous smartphone! Look at these colors as well –  clear and hot pink – they really look great!

19. SGP Samsung Galaxy S2 Case – Ultra Thin Air Series

SGP Case Ultra Thin Air Series

This is a super light-weight ultra slim fit case with a UV crystal coated high gloss surface delivered in different colors. Features rounded corners, easy access to all buttons and ports and comes with one screen protector. Very shiny design that will make your friends envy you! White, soul black, reventon yellow and fantasia hot pink editions available.

Ultra Thin Air Series

20. iGadgitz Black Genuine Leather Pouch Cover for Samsung Galaxy S 2 i9100

iGadgitz Black

This is another genuine leather protection which is a good quality sleeve that is snug so your phone will not accidentally fall out. It keeps out any dust while at the same time offering you a pull cord that slides your phone out just enough for you to grab. The interior material is made to clean the display when it is pushed in or pulled out – using no pressure at all. Even a heavily used touch screen will always be spotless and look just like new. It’s light-weight and adds little to the phone itself so it will fit comfortably in any pocket.

21. Acase(TM) Samsung Galaxy S2 Case Superleggera PRO Dual Layer Protection

 Acase(TM) Samsung Galaxy S2 Case Superleggera

Acase has combined polycarbonate and silicone to make a slick and nice design without adding bulk or weight to your phone. It is rubber coated which is anti-fingerprint, dust proof and provides a comfortable grip. Cutouts are customized specifically for Samsung Galaxy S2 to provide easy access to all smartphone functions.

22. SGP Samsung Galaxy S2 Case – Option Back Cover Art Series for Linear Series

Option Back Cover Art Series for Linear Series

This product is an Option Frame Back Cover Art Series that gives SGP Linear Series users chances to express different and colorful themes. This back cover can only be used along with SGP Linear Color Series or SGP Linear Pure Series. It is really unique and beautifully crafted to withstand any wear or tear. Comes in these colors zen, alchemist, nazca and soul.

23. Skinomi TechSkin – Black Carbon Fiber Film Shield & Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S2

Skinomi TechSkin

This is one of the best cases made in carbon.  This case offers an effective damage protection without adding additional weight or bulk to your device and the elegant film looks and feels like real grade-A carbon fiber. It is not just a print but texturally identical to threaded carbon fiber for that high-end look and feel.

24. SGP Samsung Galaxy S2 Case – Ultra Silke Series

SGP Case Ultra Silk Series

This is a premium silicone cover with a matte, rubberized silk finish that feels and looks really good. The ridge around the front protects the glass and covers the crack between the glass and the case keeping out dirt and dust. The surface is coated with high polymer which also reduces dust sticking on the surface still making it easy to put your smartphone in and out of your pocket. A casual but stylish looking case that will keep your android device safe from everyday use. You can also choose among these vivid colors – lavenda, dante red, indigo blue or fantasia hot pink.

Ultra Silke Series

25. OTTERBOX Samsung Galaxy S2 Case – Commuter Series


The OtterBox Commuter Series is made in a durable silicone skin safeguarding the screen from scratches and the corners from bumps and shocks. It has plugs made of silicone to cover the ports whilst enabling easy access to all buttons. It offers a unique and stylish design with reliable strength that will keep your phone safe and comfortable to hold and operate. The package also includes a self-adhering protective film.

26. 5 Pack Checker TPU Skin Cases for Samsung S2 i9100

SGS2 5 pack

This is a combo package of five cases with five different colors to fit every occasion or preference. These high quality checkered TPU cases will certainly make your android device look stylish.

27. Samsung Love Hearts Diamante Disco Bling Back Cover

Love Hearts Diamante

Protect your mobile with a love hearts design. This hard back cover is for women who loves glitter disco designs that matches the sophisticated look of your device and makes your device stand out from the crowd – the perfect showcase for Saturday nights out! Includes a screen protector and a headset styled in the same colors.

28. iGadgitz Black Silicone Skin Cover with Tire Tread Design for Samsung S2

iGadgitz Black Silicone

If you’re a car buff looking for some protection for your phone while expressing your passion – this is the choice for you! The tire tread design is great, feels good and fits the phone perfectly. It offers durability and elegance at the time. It comes with a screen protector, screen cloth and soft plastic card for the application of the screen protector.

29. SGP Samsung Galaxy S2 Case – Screen Protector Glas Series

Screen Protector Glas Series

The SGP Steinhell Glas is made with specially processed high-tension tempered glass to prevent scratches and shocks to your device. It has a thin thickness, anti shatter film and is easy to install. Fits snugly to your device giving you access to all controls without removing it. White and pink.

30. Case-Mate Samsung Galaxy S2 Tough

Case-Mate Tough case

This is your choice of cover if you want to protect yourself from sudden drops and accidental falls. It provides a dual layer of protection with silicone inner skin with a hard plastic outer shell. It doesn’t add too much bulk or heft and at the same time it looks great. The case-mate tough cases collection are the best in smartphone protection and this is no exception.

31. WalkNTalkOnline – Samsung Galaxy S 2 White & Silver Dots Crystal Gemstone Flip

WalkNTalkOnline diamont

This premium handmade diamante flip case is made from high quality gemstones to show off a fashionable look. It has been cut for all ports, headphone jacks and any other cut-outs.

32. Amzer Silicone Skin Jelly for Samsung Galaxy S2

Amzer Silicone Skin Jelly purple

This is one of the few cases that is made out of 100% premium silicone. The durable silicone absorbs any shock your galaxy s2 may receive from any accidental drops or bumps – keeping it like new. The smooth silicone gives you a firm grip and minimizes sliding on flat surfaces. As with al other cases there is full access to your all functions. It’s a must have accessory! Many different colors to choose from – black, green, blue, transparent white, orange, maroon red, hot pink, grey and baby pink.

33. iTALKonline Premium Leather White Clip On Flip for Samsung Galaxy S2

iTALKonline Premium Leather white

This white case enables you to quickly insert and release your device. It is made of premium high quality leather and as you can see from the pictures this nice design will fit your device perfectly and the quality is absolutely excellent.

34. Metallic REFLEX Hard Cover for Samsung Galaxy S2

Metallic REFLEX

This cover has a smart, fashionable design with full access to all functions and buttons. Perfect fit for your smartphone if you like metallic surfaces.

35. ZENUS Galaxy S2 – ‘Air Jacket’ Monochrome Series

ZENUS Galaxy S2 Case

This monochrome skin is a snap-on type hard case that is made of premium quality polycarbonate which gives a long lasting quality and protection. It offers a slim and perfect fit along with one of the best grip and feel while using the phone. The skin on the backside is made of carbon patterned genuine leather to add a dynamic and sophisticated style onto your Samsung galaxy S2. One screen protector film is included. Color variations offered: Black & white, off white and real black.

36. Carbon Fiber Hard Cover

Carbon Fiber hard Case

It’s a snap on hard plastic cover with a fashionable look of carbon fiber. It will make your android device look brand new and at the same time it protects it from scratches.

37. ArmorSuit MilitaryShield – Skin Protector Shield Full Body for Samsung Galaxy S2


ArmorSuit-MilitaryShield is extremely transparent and protects against UV to prevent yellowing which will avoid degradation of your device. It is actually made from the same protection film material that is used to protect military aircrafts, helicopters and space shuttles. It offers a “self-healing” technology to eliminate minor scratches on the film over period of time. It fits the Galaxy S2 perfectly so you won’t notice the film. Keep your mind at peace and shield your baby from rain, sand, dust etc.

38. SGP Samsung Galaxy S2 – Neo Hybrid Series

SPG Case Neo Hybrid Series

The neo hybrid series provides rubber protection. The great part is that this Neo Hybrid case maintains the slim shape of Samsung Galaxy S2 and add a nice lining color. The crystal screen protector is not only a bonus – it provide a serious protection for the screen. Easy to install, perfect fit, good protection, nice result. Available in these very unique color variations: Infinity white, soul black, dante red,reventon yellow, tender blue, sherbet pink, champagne gold.

Neo Hybrid Series

39. Samsung S2 i9100 Barely There Cases

Barely There Cases

If you want a minimal case design that’s slim and form fitted for your device this is for you. It is impact resistant and has a flexible plastic shell with access to all buttons and ports.

40. iTALKonline FlipMatic Easy Clip On Vertical Flip Pouch Cover with Holder


This unique looking Samsung Galaxy s2 case gives you all you can ask for. If offers a quick insert and release design with a magnetic closure for easy access to your buttons, screen, camera and charger/headphone sockets without the need to remove your phone. Internally it is padded to keep your device free from scratches and it is designed to prevent your galaxy s2 to break from bumps and drops.

41. Grey White 2 in 1 Hybrid Rubber Plastic Skin Cover

Grey White 2 in 1

This reinforced case with hard plastic and silicone skin to the sides ensures the durability and safety of your device if you drop it. The look is a sure eye catcher and will make people want to see what’s underneath. Doesn’t add much bulk to the phone and has cutouts for every port and function. Also in red.

42. Samsung Galaxy S2 Case Rearth Ringke

Rearth Ringke

This high polymer coated silicone case gives you the flexibility and impact absorption of silicone without the sticky feel which makes it very god at resisting dust and dirt. It doesn’t add much bulk and has a super slim fit design with an easy to press button technology which gives you the exact same feel and effect as pressing a button directly on the Galaxy SII.

43. Quality BLACK Leather Holster with Optional Belt Clip

Quality BLACK Galaxy S2

If you prefer carrying your smartphone in a holster and like it as it is when you use it – this is your best choice. It’s made in genuine durable leather with smooth scratch resistant felt inside. It protects your SG I9100 very well. It comes with a removable belt clip and an attached button latch enabling secure attachment to any hip, belt, or travel bag strap.

44. Electromaster(TM) Brand – Pink Flowers Design Crystal Hard Skin Cover

Electromaster Pink Flowers

Another hard skin cover with flower artwork at the back for your galaxy SII. Easy to install, perfect fit and protection.

45. iGet (TM) Samsung Galaxy S2 Case Faux Croc Leather Folio

iGet Faux croc

This Folio Cover keeps your Galaxy S2 fully protected when you are on the go. It offers a slim design and has slots for credit cards so you don’t need to bring your wallet all the time. It has a magnetic closure and an inner snap that will prevent your phone from falling out.

46. Blue Design Vines Hard Snap On Cover Faceplate Protector for Samsung Galaxy S2

Blue Design

If you like to protect and personalize your Samsung galaxy s 2 with yet another artwork this snap on shield hard protector case is a possible choice. Gives you access to all buttons and functions.

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ping.pong January 18, 2012 at 7:57 pm

this cases are nice, but most of them makes my gs2 look like a brick, does anyone have something that doesn’t affect thickness? like perhaps just changing the cover for the battery or the whole case itself instead of a donning helmet like boxes?


alan December 12, 2011 at 1:29 am

This is great that there are so many covers. The problem is not all these covers fit all of the Galaxy s2 phones. The case made for AT&T does not fit the same phone for sprint. This should be broken down by carrier.


carsten December 12, 2011 at 6:00 am

Thank you for your comment alan.

It’s something I’m aware of and I agree that it would be easier to navigate if it was broken down by carrier. A future update will remedy this.


Khandaker Mehedi Hasan December 6, 2011 at 8:24 am

Thanks for your nice Samsung Case Collection…..


Lucy November 11, 2011 at 4:34 pm

Hi, is there a case that is good for both grip and protection? I can be a butterfingers!!!


carsten November 15, 2011 at 4:39 pm

All cases add great protection but take a look at number 13, 22 or 31. They add extra grip due to the rubber/silicone material while protecting your phone 100%. Especially #13 from Acase.

Best regards Carsten


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